KB Biola Broadcaster - 1971-02

Seniors Dawn Hefty (I.), Edwin Shepperson, Ruby Robbins will present recitals during Spring Semester.

sons of Abraham by faith when we receive the Lord Jesus Christ as our personal Saviour. We are all one in Christ being given a new inheritance (3:28. 29). Our new position is fur­ ther explained in 4:1-5. Paul’s entire argument is built around the point that God, in every age, has one single plan of salvation. It has always been and will always be by grace, the unmerited, undeserved favor He be­ stows freely upon us. Always remem­ ber that there are many ways to the Lord Jesus Christ. Some come intel­ lectually, emotionally, or in some other way. But there is only one way to God and that is through faith alone in Jesus Christ! Page 13

Then there are national laws which various countries make and which we are to live under according to Romans 13. Finally, there is Christ’s law of love which should motivate all believers to tell others the good news of the Gospel. Salvation does not exclude certain principles by which we are to live. No man can be a law unto himself. Paul argues next that the law which came after the promise to Abraham cannot cancel God’s cove­ nant and promise. We become heirs of God by faith, just as Abraham became a child of God by faith (3:26, 27). It is all summed up in the one word, “sonship”. We become

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