KB Biola Broadcaster - 1971-02

It will never work. Spirituality is not a matter of how much I do, but what Christ does through me. Paul warns us in Gala­ tians Five not to let our liberty be­ come an occasion to the flesh. He reminds us that we are to love our neighbor as ourself. That is “agape” love, the highest form possible. This is not merely emotional as is true with the world’s vain philosophies. It is an act of the will by which I say, “Regardless of my emotional state or my fondness for an individ­ ual, I will act lovingly toward him.” This is why Jesus commanded, “Love yOur enemy.” Love is something you do, more than something you feel. It can come only as it is shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Spirit. In the fifth chapter we see that every believer is a walking civil war. Though you can win the individual battles, you will never end the war until the Lord Jesus comes again (5 :17 ). Then he tells us what some of the works of the flesh are: idol­ atry, sorcery, hatred, strife, jealousy, wrath, fornications, seditions, here­ sies, envyings, murders, drunkeness, revelings and the like. I want to call your attention especially to the word “sorcery” translated in the King James as “witchcraft” in verse 20. The word comes from the Greek, originally meaning “to be under the influence and addiction of drugs” which were used by those who sought to cast spells on others. This is certainly rel­ evant to our day. Then we have the blessed fruit of the Spirit (5:22,23). Keep in mind that the fruit of the Spirit is love which produces all of the results. These are joy, peace, long-suffering,

will for your life. Vary from that and you will find yourself rather enslaved. Liberty is limited by love, but em­ powered by the Spirit. Finally, there is but one power (Gal. 5:16). “Walk in the Spirit, and ye shall not fulfill the lust of the flesh.” This is to be a total habit and manner of life for us. The desires may still be there but they will not have dominion over us. That word for “walk” in the Spirit has a military background. It sug­ gests proper order and cadence. We are to watch the inputs coming into our life. In many senses we are like a computer. We give out what is put in. A friend of mine tells the story of hitching a ride with a couple. The husband made the wife drive the car. But since she did not do it to his liking he ordered that she use the steering wheel and he would manipulate the accelerator. Coming up behind a car he would step on the gas so that she would have no choice but to pass. My friend said he prayed like he had never done so before. What a strange arrange­ ment. The problem was that here was a vehicle designed to be driven by one person, yet two people trying to control it. I wonder if this is the problem in your life? You were de­ signed to be controlled only by the Spirit of God. When you run either the steering wheel or the accelerator you will have problems. Turn every­ thing over to Christ right now, and let Him have control! True Spirituality Galatianism is the error of trying to earn the favor of God either for eternal salvation or for spirituality.

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