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connotations for the future of the na­ tion.” The article continues: “In a survey of 2,000 different cultures, Winick found that some 55 were characterized by sexual ambiguity.


by Dr. Samuel H. Sutherland

An article entitled, “Killing a Cul­ ture,” appeared in the October 12, 1970 issue of news magazine Time. This was a most timely report, in view of the fact that today numbers of men are endeavoring to look like women and so many women are try­ ing to resemble men in appearance and actions. Women are demanding absolute equality with males in ev­ ery facet of life. The Women’s Liberation Move­ ment seems determined to eliminate the distinctives of the sexes insofar as possible. They seek to bring the entire human race into one frightful homogeneous mass, or better stated, one terrifying mess. That such a con­ cept is entirely anti-Scriptural, flying directly into the face of Almighty God in a most blatant and blasphem­ ous manner, apparently is beside the point in the view of these women liberationists. The Bible record of the purpose of creation of the sexes is disregarded shamefully. However, entirely apart from any religious connotation in these pres­ ent degrading trends, history proved long ago that all such unisexual civ­ ilizations came to an early and tragic demise. In the Time article, Dr. Charles Winick, professor of anthropology and sociology at the City University of New York, is quoted as declaring that this unisex trend has “ominous

Not one of these cultures has sur­ vived.” Dr. Winick pointed out fur­ ther that the Grecian empire fell, in part at least, because of the unisex­ ual attitude and activities of the common people, as well as of the gov­ ernmental leaders. Even the Greek gods were fashioned in a way which made it difficult to distinguish their sex from that of the goddesses. Dr. Winick stated: “Hermes and Aphro­ dite have the same boyishly slender body, girlishly fine arms, and sexu­ ally undifferentiated expression.” He also declares that before its fall, Rome had sunk into the same type of Page 19

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