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other: “Male and female created he them” (Genesis 1:27). Throughout Scripture the man has his role to play in the human relationship. Like­ wise, the woman has her part to per­ form. When men try to take the place of women in society or women to replace men, it is indeed an abom­ ination unto the Lord. It is open de­ fiance of His ordained plan for hu­ man beings. This whole unisex business is but another distinguishing feature of the end times as foretold in Scripture. The world is blurring the sexes. This is another way in which Christians can identify themselves as not be­ longing to this world order or to the things of the world. Instead, we are to abide by the law of God as re­ vealed in His Word and to proclaim these great truths on every possible occasions as “thus saith the Lord”. Our Lord and Creator spoke to wo­ men as women and to men as men when *He spoke plainly in I Corin­ thians 6:20: “What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own? For ye are bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God’s.”

life-style. One of the Roman histori­ ans of the day, it is stated, “decried the ubiquity of foppish, feminine, perfumed males. Elagabalus ap­ peared publicly in women’s clothes. Caesar was likened to ‘every man’s wife and every woman’s husband’; Antony had a harem of men and wo­ men; and Nero is thought to have married a castrated male.” Other civilizations, before and after these above-mentioned, descended into this trend and they too perished miser­ ably. Dr. Winick points out some fore­ boding conditions in our own cul­ ture: “Clothes and hair are the least of it; sales of jewelry and fragrances for men have risen massively in the past three years. Since World War II, there has been a 66% increase in the number of women tennis play­ ers, a 1,000% rise in women golfers. Every third gun-owner is a woman, and so is every fifth sky-diver.. . . Houses are becoming sexless; they contain few leather club chairs or boudoir chairs —or even boudoirs. Names are sexually equivocal; one child out of five has a name like Robin or Leslie or Dana.” Even the reading pattern of children has changed: “They prefer easy-to-read real-life adventures to fairy tales with their idealized, romantic role- models of the masculine and fem­ inine.” Dr. Winick makes no attempt to describe how masculinity and fem­ ininity are to be defined, “as long as they are defined.” He points out: “The sexes are equal but not equiv­ alent. There need be no hurt feel­ ings because difference does not mean deficiency.” Nowhere, of course, does Dr. Win­ ick appeal to Scriptural authority for the delineation of the sexes, al­ though his conclusions in this regard agree perfectly with the clearly re­ vealed statements found in the Word of God. God created the sexes to be definitely distinguished from each Page 20

God does not discipline us to subdue us, but to condition us for a life of useful­ ness and blessedness. Money is a gift of God and it is to be used for His glory. If it is squandered selfishly, or employed greedily, it can­ kers and brings misery and distress upon him who possesses it.

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