KB Biola Broadcaster - 1971-02


by Dr. Richard McNeely

Dr. McNeely presents a timely discussion on the Christian Community and its relationship to the individual Believer.

Many long for what is termed, “the New Testament Church.” There is hardly an evangelical, pastoral lead­ er today who does not voice his goals as those of producing such. This is a worthy goal and it is attainable. However, too often what is produced is not what the New Testament talks about, but that which the leader would like it to be. What is the Chris­ tian Community? I would suggest three things which are introductory to its composition. First, it is personal. The Christian Community cannot be conceived of as a mass only. It is made of living, dynamic, lethargic, joyful, depressed, triumphant, and defeated people. Further, it is composed of persons who operate on different organiza­ tional strata but who must be seen individually. The point is, that in such a community there must be an Page 21

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