KB Biola Broadcaster - 1971-02

Q. “Do you fe e l it is wrong to pray day after day for the same thing? I have rem em bered my son s need of salvation in this manner , and won­ d er if it is pleasing to the Lord.” A. Keep in mind this first important and Scriptural principle, “God is not willing that any (not one) should perish.” As long as the burden of prayer is on our hearts we should certainly pray most diligently. Mon­ ica, the mother of Augustine, prayed for her son 33 years. The child had been committed to the Lord before he was born. She died still praying for him. In her flesh she never saw him come to a saving knowledge of Christ. Several years later he was gloriously transformed through faith. The answer did come in God’s own time. The thing we need to make sure of is that we are not praying selfishly for our own comfort. We

know, however, that in the salvation of a soul there is glory for the Lord. Do not give up! The Lord hears and He answers prayer. He is the God of love and more anxious to see your boy saved than anyone else. Entrust his keeping to the Lord’s hands. Q. Sacramento, Calif. — “W here in the Bible do you find a metaphysical term that refers to any three com­ mon nouns? The Roman Catholics and Protestants have a fab le that Christ d ied on Friday and rose Sun­ day morning. Do you p ledge any al­ legiance to such a fdbleF ’ A. The word to which you refer in the first question is Deity: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We believe the Word of God and do not give heed to seducing fables. Yet, that Christ died on a specific day and arose from the grave three days later is not a fable. Catholics, Protestants and Page 23

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