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A. Joseph was a godly man who sought to bring his brothers to the place where they would realize their awful sins. God ultimately brought them the conviction of sin. Joseph, to catch them off guard, accused them of being spies. It is a thrilling story to see how they were finally brought to the place where they were willing to confess their wicked­ ness. This cup which was placed in the sack of Benjamin had no magic or ability to predict. Joseph knew that, but he used the device to show them the magnitude of what they had done. The portion in Numbers has to do with the sin of the people when they made and worshipped the golden calf. God knew exactly what He was doing in this test of Moses. He would not overthrow His promises to Abra­ ham, Isaac and Jacob. The Lord was offering Moses to replace Israel with a new nation, as his offspring. Theologically, such a test must be considered in the light of the sov­ ereign will of God. This factor un­ derlies all human decision. Christ in the Gospels was offered to be king of Israel, even though His re­ jection by the people and death on the cross were both according to the predeterminate counsel and fore­ knowledge of God. Moses came through the test victoriously. Q. Arkansas City, Kan. — “Can you p lease help me understand Luke 16:9r A. This passage has caused much questioning in the minds of Bible students. We are told to make “friends of the mammon of unright­ eousness; that, when ye fail, they may receive you into everlasting habita­ tions.” A free translation might read, “Make for yourselves friends of the world who are monied people, those who depend upon the things of the world; because when their resources fail, as their friend you can point

them to the Lord Jesus Christ.” This was seen during the depression. Be­ fore the crash those people with vast fortunes were not interested in spir­ itual things. When things got tough some took what they thought was the easy way out and committed sui­ cide. Others began to question and wonder. Spiritual revivals broke out in many places. We hope these thoughts will be helpful to you. The little sharp vexations And the briars that catch and fret, Why not take all to the Helper Who has never failed us yet? Tell Him about the heartache And tell Him the longings, too; Tell Him the baffled purpose When we scarce know what to do; Then leaving all our weakness With the One divinely strong, Forget that we bore the burden, And carry away the song. Q. Vancouver, B.C. - “Would you p lease give me your explanation o f Malachi 4:3? ‘And ye shall tread down the w icked; for they shall b e ashes under the soles o f your fe e t in the day that I shall do this, saith the Lord o f hosts.’ ” A. This book deals with the sad spiritual state of Israel. The prophet’s warning speaks of impending judg­ ment from the Lord. In the midst of it all, God promises to send His wonderful servant, the Messiah. It is clearly shown that those who be­ lieve will be given the Son of right­ eousness who will arise with healing in His wings. This shows a time of real prospering and blessing. Those who are in the will of God will be used of God to carry out His judg­ ment upon the unbelieving. When it speaks of the wicked being ashes it does not teach annihilationism. The Bible nowhere speaks of that. The description is of physical death for the unsaved who are in conscious eternal woe and separation from God. Page 29 — Ph illip s Brooks

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