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acter is our standard, and nothing short of absolute likeness to Him should satisfy us, and to this infinite standard of perfection we are finally to attain by the grace of God in Matthew 6:1-8 There are wonderful lessons here on doing righteousness, giving alms and praying. The lessons are very plain and simple if one will take Jesus Christ as meaning just what He says. SATURDAY Matthew 6:9-15 The prayer which our Lord taught His disciples is usually called “the Lord’s Prayer.” It is rather the dis­ ciples’ prayer, the Lord’s prayer be­ ing found in John 17. This prayer is the model prayer. Only the one who has received Jesus, and therefore, has a right to call God “Father” (John 1:12) has a right to offer this prayer. SUNDAY Matthew 6:16-34 If our “treasure” is above our hearts will be set upon that which is eter­ nal, and eternal satisfaction is se­ cure to us. Live a day at a time. Tomorrow will have enough care of its own, and praise God it will have also enough grace to meet the need. Christ.. FRIDAY


Matthew 5:1-12 Jesus points out eight classes of men whom God pronounces happy. They are not at all those whom the world esteems happy. God is the personal embodiment of infinite beauty and glory. There can be no joy or rap­ ture beyond that of beholding Him. TUESDAY Matthew 5:13-16 These verses emphasize our respon­ sibility and obligations. Believers in Christ are to be “the salt of the earth” and “the light of the world.” It is a glorious thought, but also a very solemn thought, that the world gets all its light through us! WEDNESDAY Matthew 5:17-27 The law of Moses contained the A, B, C of ethics — in Christ we go on to the advanced grades. Christ alone has kept the law of Moses in the way in which He interprets it here, but He is ready to keep it again in us if we will surrender to him entire control of our innermost life. THURSDAY Matthew 5:28-48 Love should go out to all, not mere­ ly to the friend and neighbor, but to the enemy as well. It is clearly im­ plied that in all things God’s char­

This is the second in a series o f excerpts from a devotional guide written by R. A. Torrey in the January, 1915, issue o f The King's Business Magazine. Page 3

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