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writer tells of the greatness of Jeho­ vah. Even the physical world gives strong evidence for the existence of God. Failing to see this, Rom. 1:20 tells us that men are absolutely with­ out excuse. Many people make up their minds about God before they investigate the facts. Do not base your faith on the statements and opinions of oth­ ers. The Psalm is probably authored by David, and perhaps comes as one of the first from his pen. It is a psalm of praise as God is acknowledged as the Creator and Sustainer of all things. The word “LORD” (in capi­ tal letters) should be translated “Je- hova.” This was considered by the ancient Jewish people to be the most sacred name for God. To utter the word aloud was considered a capital offense. This is why the Jews substi­ tuted other names for God when they read the Word aloud. How boldly and foolishly some people take the holy name of God in vain today. When others hear your name men­ tioned they immediately think of your character and personality. Is yours God-like? The excellence of God’s character is not only revealed in His name, but also in His glory. David was overwhelmed with joy. Looking up at the heavens he glori­ fied God (Psm. 19:1-6). These verses should reveal to us that God is more than an influence or simply an idea. The universe shows purpose, design, and tremendous harmony. Such sym­ metry and beauty testifies to a su­ preme Designer, God Himself. Science teaches that every effect must have a cause. God is the Cause and around Him all things move and have their existence. The dictionary states that an attribute is a quality or a characteristic ascribed to, or in­ herent in, a person or a thing. The Bible attributes to God certain char­ acteristics that enable us to know Him, understanding His marvelous workings in the world. God is Om- Page 31

STUDIES IN GOD’S WORD by Dr. Lloyd T. Anderson

Biola Hour Teacher and Pastor of Bethany Baptist Church, West Covina, Calif.

Can I Really Know God? Have you ever wondered about the reality of God? Is there a Supreme Being who is really concerned about us? How does one go about finding the answer? The Word of God gives us the answer to these and other re­ lated questions. You may be sure that the Lord wants you to know Him and have the assurance of your knowledge of Him. There is a won­ derful passage in Psalms 8:1-3. The

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