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even more supremely, you can know Him through faith in Jesus Christ. What Makes Christ Different? Through Jesus Christ, our blessed Saviour, we have the privilege of coming into a personal knowledge and relationship with Him. This is life’s most important aspect for any­ one to experience. The Lord is differ­ ent from anyone or anything else found in the universe. In Philippians 2:5-11 we have a magnificent pic­ ture of why He alone is so distinctive. Dr. Raymond Bishop tells of an unbelieving man who spoke with a godly pastor to declare, “If the doc­ trine of the Deity of Christ is true then surely it would have been re­ vealed with such a clarity that no one could ever have mistaken it.” The pastor queried, “What language would you have chosen to reveal ‘such truth to men?” “The true God,” came the reply. “Exactly,” said the minister, “and that is precisely what John, writing under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit calls Him. In I John 5:20 we find this very state­ ment.” And this is essentially what makes Christ different from all other human beings who have, and are, and will be living upon the face of the earth. He alone is the express image of the Father. In an Italian palace there is a beautiful painted ceiling created by one of the great masters. The height of the ceihng, however, makes it difficult for visitors to fully enjoy its grandeur. For this reason, on the floor has been placed a highly pol­ ished mirror. Those who would see the glory of the ceiling can study and appreciate the reflection in the mirror. Hus is the same when it comes to God. Since man cannot reach God by just looking up, so Jesus Christ came in the fulness of glory, the express image of the in­ visible Creator (Col. 1:15). Can we be sure of Christ’s Deity? This is explained in the passage from

nipotent, Omniscient and Omnipres­ ent. We can come to Him and pray, trusting Him with all of our daily needs. In every situation God is available to you. In Psa. 8:4-9 we get a clearer pic­ ture of our Lord in His coming to this earth to redeem us from our sins. This shows that not only can we know God’s greatness, but also we can know His goodness. You know, there is a great difference be­ tween theory and practice when it comes to driving a car. You can learn all the rules of the road and how to drive an automobile by read­ ing the textbook. The big thrill comes when you get behind the wheel for the first time. This way you can put into practice what you have learned in theory. So, when a person finds God not only revealed in the heav­ ens, and in the sacred Book we call the Bible, but also God wants to live within us through His Son, Jesus Christ, by the Holy Spirit. This won­ derful truth comes about because of His love. Well might we join David in wondering why the God of the universe should be concerned with something so small as man. The New Testament shows that God’s love did not end with what He gave us in creation. It extends to what He has given us in spiritual re­ creation (John 3:16). The Lord loved us in spite of our sins and failures. Why did our sins require Jesus’ sac­ rifice? Becasue God is holy. This is another of His attributes dealt with in the Bible. Because He is love, He is also faithful. He alone is worthy of our trust. Great is Thy faithfulness (Lam. 3:23). And then we need to realize His mercy and His grace as well as His love. ‘What is man that thou visitest him?” (Psa. 8 :4 ). God re­ veals His grace through the visit of Christ to this world. The answer to the question “Can I really know God?” is absolutely yes! You can know Him through the universe. But Page 32

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