KB Biola Broadcaster - 1971-02

Christian life. When Spirit-filled, the Christian life is enriched, labor is em­ powered and the Lord is enthroned on the heart of the life. The wonder­ ful thing is that each of us, when by faith we receive Christ as Saviour, we can know with absolute certainty the facts of the Holy Spirit’s indwell­ ing presence, His life-giving energy, and His sanctifying power. The Holy Spirit as a Person and a power is a vital reality in the teachings of the Word of God. Have you ever lost a loved one in death? You know the importance of comfort. Jesus Christ in John 14:16 calls the Holy Spirit the “Com­ forter.” The word in Greek indicates One who is brought along side to help us. In Latin “comfort” is a com­ pound of “com” which means “with”, and “fortis” which means “strength”. How appropriate such a title is. In all of our hard experiences of life God gives us the Comforter who is by our side to guide and help us in every moment of care and concern. Before He went to the cross, Christ told His disciples, “It is necessary for you that I go away.” Then He proceeds to tell them of the Com­ forter, the Holy Spirit, whom He will send in His place (John 16:7-11). The world does not know anything about such inward strength. Most unbelievers might only consider Him a good influence, entirely impersonal and very mysterious. He is a person (John 14:17); He is God (Eph. 4:30); and He will reprove the world of sin (John 16:18). Why was it necessary for Christ to go away? When He told His dis­ ciples you can imagine how puzzled they were. He explained further that it would be to their advantage, and the world’s, for Him to return to the Father (John 16:10). Having com­ pleted redemption on the cross and the defeat of the devil (vs. 11) He would then send the Holy Spirit to be their divine Enabler (Tit. 3 :5 ). The Holy Spirit works to make sal­

vation real to the believing soul (II Cor. 5:17). He has come into the world to bring spiritual conviction to the hearts of all men concerning their reception of the Lord Jesus Christ. In East London some years ago, D. L. Moody announced that he would speak especially to atheists and skeptics. More than 5,000 showed up to mock everything he had to say. Still he preached out fearlessly. At the conclusion of the sermon Moody announced an invitation hymn giv­ ing an opportunity for all who wished to come forward. No one moved. Then he asked all who would receive Christ to say, “I will.” One leading atheist yelled out, “I won’t.” The wise evangelist continued, “Every man here who believes that this man is right rise and say T won’t’.” No one moved. Moody implored, “Now, who will say, ‘I will’?” Out of that crowd more than 500 people sprang to their feet. Only the Holy Spirit could bring such conviction. Today, how we need the power of the Holy Spir­ it in our lives, letting Him have His own way in everything we do and say. Let the Lord, through the third person of the Trinity have all the control for the enjoyment of the vic­ torious Christian life. In these days of being surfeited with sufferings and tormented by trials the believer needs to have a clearer vision of what the indwelling po&er and presence of the Holy Spirit can mean in his life. Seldom do we hear messages or studies about the ministry of the Holy Spirit. This is unfortunate. Whether men realize it or not, the world owes a great deal to the presence and the activity of the Holy Spirit. His purpose is to reprove the world of sin, and of righteousness, and of judgment (John 16:8). He is definitely a part of Christ’s redeeming gift to the world. Now, what changes the attitudes and directions of people in such an as­ tonishing way when they accept Christ as Saviour? This is where the Page 35

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