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with a changing world will be un­ able to solve the perplexing prob­ lems facing him. A moment’s thought on the technological advances over the last 20 years staggers the imag­ ination. The world’s fund of informa­ tion in this computer age is increasing at a phenomenal rate. The potential for greater insight and intelligent decision making is certainly avail­ able.

sure you are concerned about Chris­ tian matters, but are you aware of what is taking place in missionary strategy? Did you know that the New Scofield edition of the Bible has almost twice as many valuable footnotes as the previous edition? Have you read any of the fine ar­ ticles on Biblical exposition that can be found in Christian periodicals or books? Everyone need not be a Bib­ lical scholar in the technical sense of the word, but greater insight into God’s Word can help us in daily de­ cisions that must be made. The by­ product of such a study will assur­ edly lead us to a deeper walk with our Lord. Is your education complete? Not in light of God’s Word. As Peter suggests in Chapter One of his sec­ ond Epistle, the ultimate goal of knowledge and the other qualities of character suggested in this pas­ sage are designed so that we should not “be barren or unfruitful in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.” Biola College and its Graduate School, Talbot Theological Seminary, seek to educate students for a life of growth—a life of intellectual growth in the important affairs of a chang­ ing world, and a life of growth in an increasing knowledge of Christ and commitment to Him. Education is, indeed, a lifelong privilege and responsibility!

As a Christian, you have your own views on politics, taxes, law-en­ forcement, education, and a host of other contemporary topics. You may even speak up frequently on such subjects. But, when did you last con­ sult a serious work in these areas? Apart from the popular interpreta­ tion that you might find in the news media, have you kept up-to-date with the contemporary works being produced in any of these areas? I am Page 6

The new demands of the 70's, the unique opportunities for service, and growing concern for a solid Biblical foundation may work against us if they are a prod­ uct of tradition and culture rather than a knowledge of God’s Word and the needs of today’s world.

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