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AT YOUR SERVICE Our Bond Requests Are Completed Same-Day! Did you know that here at Vermost Insurance Agency, we handle hundreds of types of bonds! We even have a bond team that works with over 200 law firms and professional guardians in all jurisdictions within the state of Florida. Our team is experienced (we’ve been processing bonds since 1978) and skilled in handling bond requests all day, every day — we know what you need, and we get it done quickly and efficiently. When it comes to probate bonds, both personal representative and guardian bonds, we know exactly how to deliver. Our bonds will come to you electronically via a secure RPost email encryption service. You can print the paperwork for your personal representative or guardian to sign and present to the court. Some of the types of bonds we offer include but are not limited to: • Agricultural Bonds • Appeal Bonds • Athletic Bonds • Court Bonds


The Story of the Danish Protest Pig

In the 19th century, Denmark and Prussia couldn't

agree on where to draw their border. Both

countries refused to concede or couldn’t reach an agreement on which country would ultimately control Southern Jutland, which today is Germany's northernmost state called Schleswig-Holstein. This refusal to compromise ultimately led to war, and in 1848, Denmark won control. However, their victory was short-lived, as roughly a decade later, the Second Schleswig War was underway. This time, though, Prussia was victorious. After their victory, the Prussian authorities slowly began to move into the peninsula, implementing new laws over the Danes living there. These new laws prohibited anything Danish, including all uses of the Danish flag. Needless to say, the Danes were not happy — especially the farmers. These Danish farmers knew they had to protest this oppressive Prussian government, but they couldn't just publicly wave the Danish flag. So, they got crafty. Danish farmers began to crossbreed their pigs to create a new breed, one that had the same markings as the Danish flag. These pigs were red in color, with one white vertical stripe and one white horizontal stripe. The farmers named their new pigs Protestschwein, or the Danish Protest Pig. This protest pig quickly became the mascot of Danish cultural independence, and their efforts didn't go unnoticed by Prussian authorities. In 1881, a local Prussian police station sent communications back to the government in Berlin that farmers were breeding strange-looking pigs. However, while they could not prove that farmers were knowingly breeding the pigs to look like the Danish flag, "it was believed that the farmers were well aware of this and that this pig represented an affront to the Prussians," according to records from the Red Holstein Breeders Association. Today, the Danish Protest Pig is recognized as its own breed but has a different name: the Husum Red Pied. And, the now-German state of Schleswig-Holstein supports the protection of this pig due to the cultural significance it offered its Danish ancestors so many years ago.

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