The Law of Truth

The Law Of Truth

Mariam Ketait M.D.


Seek that not which has been enforced unto u, but seek that which resonates with your soul.

Our souls know, beyond knowledge, it knows where we came from and where we are going. It knows the number of souls we will touch and the amount of expansion we seek. And the amount of pain we are willing to endure. Or not.

We all ensure pain for various reasons. Some, for the mere enjoyment of conquering a challenge. And other because this is the only way they know is the way to release resistance.

Through pain. Sadly.

The truth is, there is no right or wrong. There is only that which we perceive as right and just. There is only that which you hold yourself accountable for.

The truth is. Your soul knows.

It knows what right is from the highest and only perspective.

It knows what just is from the highest and only point of view.

Yes it is a point of view. But it's not one that limits u. for it is from being able to focus on one point that the image is completed.

Our awareness expands beyond expansion when we are able to focus. Seldom do we use this focus on what is good to us. What aids our expansion.

Usually we are focused on the darkness, its alluring appeal to us lies in the mystery and the inability to conquer it.

Darkness is not to be conquered. Understood. Or eliminated. Darkness just is.

Just as light just is.

Light is only a form of being. A status where u can see clearly what is and what isn’t.

Mostly. We live in a state alternating between light and dark.

And no matter how much u meditate or try to achieve Nirvana, the unrealistic dream of being in the light forever more. You are here not to try and live in the light, or avoid the darkness.

You are here to explore your Truth.


You must understand that we co exist with many other forms of energies. We were created to co-exist. Maybe it's one of the highest learning on this earth experience is to coexist with ease.

The truth is, we always have access to this beautiful source of truth.

Sometimes we have to get older in terms of age and time for us to tap into this knowing that all is always well for us. Magic is there around us if we choose to feel it and connect to it. It's in our heartbeat. Every single one of those beats tells a story of divinity and magic. The thing is, sometimes I find people who have disconnected from this for so long that they decide to take their own lives. They don’t understand the truth. Or that it is with great pleasure that we were created by Allah. He made us so perfect in the most divine way that we have not been able to yet perceive. We are multidimensionally perfect. In a way beyond our comprehension.

We will be perfect now. In the womb. And when we die. And even after.

The balance is so inevitable that there's nothing but doubt we create that can make it seem, only to us, that there is unbalance. For there is nothing but ultimate truth and ultimate balance.

I can see it in a child's pose and the petals of a flower. I can also see it in my anger at times.

So perfectly placed to conjure my soul to evolve. To grow past this desire to suffer. To limit my comprehension of what's real and what's not.

For only that which is true is.

The truth is. We are all created by one creator.

We are all more similar than we can perceive.

The truth is we draw boundaries all the time to protect ourselves when in reality they are only initiations into the dark valley of no return.

Boundaries create hate. Defense. Anger. Agitation.

When we were created with no boundaries other than what the truth dictated.

The laws.

The law of gravity

The law of compassion

The law of cause and effect

And the law of truth.

We are bound by them. And yet the Creator sees it all in us. In every movement we make we have the option to see or deny ourselves what we see.

This is the case with our bodies. We have been brought here. To live in it. To make it our home.

And yet for the most part we alienate it. We give it names, we stick it in the clothes of tribes, we make it right or wrong. Always wrong. Wrong for wanting to eat too much. To desire. To express.

The wrongness we impose on ourselves is not the truth. It is merely an illusion to help us reach the truth. But that is something of our own making.

He who sees the light knows that he is free forever.

And how scary it is to be free forever

Free from fear free from the struggle that everyone else is battling.

It is when we embrace our truths. That we are free beyond freedom. That all of us have access to this freedom. Then only can we really live in our bodies like it was intended.

Self Worth - The Truth

The Creator knows what we have inside our minds, how we want to control reality instead of embrace it. And that is because we are afraid of the truth. That reality is an illusion created to make us experience the joys of light and darkness. Because even in darkness there is joy. Always.

The truth is.

We are all worthy.the stream of worthiness is always flowing through you. To you. In each heart beat. And yet you insist on looking elsewhere for reasons to condemn your presence as unworthy.

When to us it is very evident who you are and where you stand.

You try to classify your worthiness by

1. Looks 2. Social status 3. Education 4. Money 5. Instagram followers

You fail miserably. For everytime you look outside of you you only send more doubt to the universe,

It is only when you realise the perfection of your completion as is that you can shift your reality into something that is more pleasing to you.

Please understand that you are loved and that it is easier than they claim it to be. It's funny because you always knew in fact you were vibrating that and a living example of happiness and joy to get from here to there. But then you condemned your existence and decided that it had to be harder than this. There is no stream of punishment. There is no stream of doubt. There is only wellbeing. And the moment you shift into that stream and realise that all is well is the moment your reality will change. It seems to us that the more you push against the stream of what we know is your wellbeing you are creating instant resistances in your experiences it would therefore be of great value for you to let go. And we understand that the term let go on its own brings out resistance within your being but what you must realise is that when we say let go we do not mean let go of your dream or of that which you aspire to but let go of the concern or worry you associate with it. Concern is lack based and fear driven. Concern is you telling us that you do not believe and demand proof. We understand that in your physical reality it is vital to have the physical manifestation for you to feel the way you intended to feel when you came here but we also know that you can't get there from here. In order for you to get that what you desire you have to feel it first. Just enough for it to show up and it always does.

When you come here and look at each other you try to define who you are based on your history where you came from and what those who came before you did. You think that by labeling others it will make you feel safer. When your safety depends only on how much you allow the source to flow through you. There is no safety in labeling others. There is no safety in waging wars.

When we look outside of ourselves and expect results we automatically send out doubt signals to the universe. It's like the sun and the moon. They were created for each one of us. Not specifically bound to one tribe or one race. When you start thinking that the sun is urs or the moon is urs, or worse when you put someone's face as the moon or the sun then you lose your identity. You lose your truth. Your connection to all that is is based on the fact that we are all one. That we are all worthy. There's no question of worthiness. We are all blessed and cherished and loved. And when you look into someone's eyes and see the sun or the moon it is your sun that is lighting up and your moon. But you sometimes forget how worthy or blessed you really are and you call him or her the moon or the sun. But why would you do that when it was all created for you. Just you./ specifically for you. You try to merge with people in this reality by lessening you. You are all there is to it. It is your reality and it was your creation, over time and sometimes because you allow it to be, you think who you are is based on who they define you to be. So you bend over backwards in order to fulfill their demands of you.

The Pillars of Truth

In your heart you have 4 chambers. Within those 4 chambers reside the pillars of your truth.

First and foremost : you know.

You know because you are connected to all that is, you know that you are that you are and you are all of it personified in the physical body. You know that all your answers are here. And that all of this is an illusion. The moment you deny that you know is the moment you let go of your truth.

Secondly: you can.

This reality has within it all that you need to get from any point to any other point. You have the ability to create all the circumstances and the elements needed to manifest your desires.

Thirdly: you are.

You are the universe, meaning that your perception is why this universe was created. Meaning your presence in this existence is important for everything else to continue. Meaning the sun and the moon are part of you. meaning everyone else is part of your journey but that you are the main character of it.

You are.

Fourth pillar: we are.

You are connected to everything. And they are connected to you. the moment you shift your perception from them and me to we … is the moment you can experience wholeness. And with that your journey aligns with all that is. And you expand beautifully.

The Truth about Romance

There is a gap of love. A void inside your heart from betrayals of the past. But we do not talk about the past because it has no significance in what you are creating now. As much as you would like to blame the past or dig into it to achieve alignment it does not work this way. What you get when you dig into the past is more questioning of now instead of creating what you desire.

What you desire is this.

A wholesome relationship first and foremost with yourself.

An intimate relationship with your body.

a. Look at it. Really thoroughly look at it. Appreciate every inch of it, every cell, every hair follicle. b. Touch it., feeling how it reacts to my touch. c. Move it, it moves to my emotions through dance or through exercise. Sensuality is within.

Your inability to see the divinity in your body is why you cannot be seen as that. Because the moment you feel the magic in your body. Each and every organ and inch of it. The moment you make peace with everything you have thought is the cause of your misery. Is the moment you will open up to receiving that physical love you so aspire to. Physical love is magical, and yes it does open up a portal for you to connect to yourself and to us. But to think that one person is able to give you that and to forget that you are always connected to yourself and us. To be able to know and feel and be grateful for all those other portals brings you into balance.

The truth is. You attracted a romantic partner to fine tune your abilities. To learn when to give and when to receive information. To value information. To value your energy.

The Law of Truth

To access the truth you need virtues that are not yet mastered by many. And truth gives you knowledge. And knowledge gives you power. It is not about foreseeing the future. It is about how energy works. And this has been your question ever since you came here. To understand the flow of energy. To understand why and when and how to flow it. And the truth is, everyone's truth is different. It depends on what they are ready to see. You see, it is not a matter of right or wrong. The truth is what rings your rightness, and that is something that is very individual. The truth is, some people play this game knowing that nothing lasts forever that the land that can be today theirs was before not anyones. They also know that nothing matters in the big picture but they are so identified by the land. By the fixtures. But when they do that, they think that this is what unity is. It is not that. Unity with the land is being able to feel it and ask it what it needs. To care for it and expand it. But they have drawn boundaries and decided to fight their battles. Battles of the ego. In search of the truth. Which is never identified outside of them. Power and force are equally strong. One is based on the truth and the other on fear. Please realize that force is not the answer. Even in matters of the heart, there is no heart to be conquered. No land to be tamed. No person to be yours. You are all one. You belong to The Creator and only he has the right to own or disown you. And that he never does. He only loves you and gives you mercy. So when you come here and like them, you look for reasons to call someone yours. You really are not looking to love them, you are looking to find identification outside of yourself. Once this realizations hits you you will be able to merge. And blend. And be the magical creature who flows with ease. Let us talk to you about power. It is so fulfilling that when you have it nothing really matters in terms of material manifestations. This desire to accumulate wealth is not a measure of success. Success is being able to master and lead your soul. Success brings money too. Success brings everything. You were created to experience everything. Successfully. And so you shall.

In order to master power not force you need virtues:

First comes faith, and with that belief.

Second comes compassion and with that empathy.

Third comes love and with that generosity.

Forth comes drive and with that stamina.

You know what you have and what you need to work on. When you feel your power, you will let go of force. For nothing ever was accomplished, rightfully, by force.

About Change

When you doubt the next step you will or will not take how do you expect to move forward? Moving forward happens when you are able to consistently take one step after the other. What we tend to do is take one step forward and two steps back. This is not done physically, it is done energetically first. When you take two steps back what happens is that you create stagnation. Stagnation and procrastination is nothing more than doubt. Doubt in the next step. There Is no motion forward then. We understand that we can manage risk, you study risk factors and try to navigate your way around them but what you are not getting is that by focussing your energy on the risk you are only creating that. Risky situations. We would like to tell you that if you move forward with the assurance that the Creator is with you, and with the knowing that all the information you need will come to you and move you forward then you will only experience that: A constant motion forward. With ease. With the knowing that the tides will continue to rise and fall but the assuredness that you will maintain your balance within.

In order to get to the secret garden one must be willing to look at the weed. It is there, for it is a must to go through muck in order to envision clarity. From our problems we create answers. We create different possibilities. We have two options for the most part. To look at what is in dismay and create more of that which we do not desire or we can look at what is possible in that outcome. Something we desire. Something we can improve on.

On Pain in Love

The world at times might seem unfair. Unjust. Un co-operative. Might take you on a roller coaster, of emotions, of desires, of a series of choices to make. The world might close its doors to you at one point. And the only way for you to survive is how you learned to, to hide or escape. Sometimes it is all we know or are able to do. The world might also send you different messages, ones that give you hope and then pull out the plug. It might seem unfair. It usually does.

And we choose the pain, knowing its cradle to be our home. Our salvage. And we forget that there are different possibilities. We become accustomed to the pain. We become familiar with it. It becomes us. And we refuse to see anything beyond it. Sometimes we push ourselves through the pain. Believing it to be our reality. Believing nothing more beyond it. In pain we trust.

Those wounds that refuse to heal are ours, we made them, and collected them like little souvenirs, they bring us joy. Ironically. The kind of joy we were led to believe is nostalgic. But pain is not a blessing, pain is an ache in the soul as it screams its wellbeing to you. There is no need for pain. You are damaging your soul. Just listen to it. We are well. All is well. Nothing is worthy of your discord. You were created out of love, to live lovingly, joyously. With love. Love is a beautiful thing. It is an emotion and a state of being. A state of receptivity. A state of completion. They say god is love, because he is complete. Love is not that which makes you feel incomplete. It is something so whole that every bit of life falls into place. Dances together in a rhythmic symphony. It is easy. It is natural. It is not forced.

Force and love cannot co exist. One chases the other away.

When you say you want to feel loved. Feel loved. Feel it now. Just sit in the feeling of pure awe. Of pure vulnerability. Of pure receptivity. From the chair. The table. The walls, the floor, the air touching your skin. That is love. And it is unconditional. How can you create more of it if you fail to notice it all around?

And then you say love finds me not.

Love is everywhere. It is you who chooses not to find it.

We reach a point in our evolution where we must surrender. There is nothing but letting go. This is often known as a vertical ascent. What a beautiful experience. All your shadows come and go. And then you see the humor of the universe, also, you see the love that was always there. Waiting for you to acknowledge it. Always. You see that it is all fair. All of it. Everyone is moving through life in fairness.

Dedicated to a Girl with a Broken Heart

My lovely.

Here you are again

Doubting the essence of who you are

I feel your pain there is so much in it. There is doubt and betrayal and self loathing

But do u not know that his was not to love you. His was to make you love u.

You look out

We all have looked out.

But it is time for you to look in.

His was not to reject you.

His was merely to remind you that u can never be rejected.

And here you are so full of sorrow

So full of regrets and grief.

Thinking it was only him.

There are many.

There are always many.

As many as the starts.

And you get to pick.

We urge you my dear to look within.

Just take a glimpse at the beauty.

What you saw in him that mesmerized you

Is only that which u already had.

You have been taught that a woman is weak in her emotions.

When in reality it is the embracing of your emotions that makes you shine.

Look at you

You found love.

You felt it. All of it.

U gave it.

U received it.


To dismiss that moment as unsacred is to dismiss your creation.

Your creator.

Your creativity.

Do not fall into the trap of labels.

Because we only see regret and guilt and fear in your labels.

The truth requires no labels.

The truth is.

Everything is beautiful.

There is joy in the coming together

and joy in the closing of a chapter.

For how can you evolve without desire.

Please embrace your desires.

For they made you who you are

and they will continuously come into your life,

like he did.


And they will only do one thing –

inspire more desires.

Like he did.

The Truth about Respect

Respect is multidimensional

First there is respect for your needs and desires, and being able to respect that means putting everything that is not equal to that out of the picture. If you don’t then you are really saying I respect myself not. And then there is respect for our genetics. Our Systems. The ancestors. The mom and dad. Because you are them plus now. So when you disregard their right to be respected you are saying I want people to reject me. Then there is respect to the creator. We put this here because really the creator demands no respect, but when you are respectful of your creator in thoughts, words and deeds you can then maybe see some of his majesty. When you disrespect the creator you shut your eyes to the light. Then there is the respect of your land. Mother nature, the environment. Respect here means being aware and thankful of its contribution. When you disrespect mother earth you are saying I hate my home.

Then there is respect for time. It is a law. And you abide by it. Don’t fight it or dismiss it. Respect it.

Then there is respect for the people you interact with. Use kind words. Be honest. Show honour.

Then there is respect for the past. And the present And the future.

You respect the past by being kind in your memories, don’t curse it.

You respect the present by being fully aware of it. And being there.

You respect the future by putting out good intentions for it.

Respect the process because you have the best one out there.

Respect the situations of all of them.

Without respect you will be unable to access the truth. Or any other realms of higher knowledge.

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