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AN ODE TO ORDERING ASSISTANTS Misty Hirshbein, Purchasing Coordinator, Shares Her Story

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Few clinics would function for long without an expert ordering assistant. Masters of organization with an encyclopedic knowledge of the latest orthodontic products, these professionals shoulder the heavy task of saving their offices time and money. At Ortho Technology, we interact with these miracle workers every day and have even been lucky enough to have a few join our ranks. This month, we reached out to seasoned ordering assistant Misty Hirshbein to get her insights on how she keeps her two Florida clinics stocked and under budget. “An ordering assistant needs to see the big picture, knowing your clinic’s day-to-day needs and how long supplies last.” Having been in the industry for 25 years, Misty has never lost sight of what makes her job important. “At the end of the day, it’s all about improving people’s smiles,” she reflects. “It’s like getting to see those before and after pictures in person — I love it.” Since becoming an ordering assistant, Misty has combined her passion for helping patients with a love of learning. As she puts it, “I enjoy reading the catalogs and going to expos every year. If there’s a better product out there, I want to know about it.”

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Misty sees this constant search for new innovations as essential to doing her job well. “A great assistant is knowledgeable,” she explains. “You have to know your products and which ones work well.” The other key component, in Misty’s experience, is organization. “An ordering assistant needs to see the big picture, knowing your clinic’s day-to-day needs and how long supplies last,” she says. Of course, a big part of an ordering assistant’s job is, well, ordering. We were curious about how Misty shops for products. “Well, I’m pretty old- school,” she proudly confesses. “I’ve built a lot of relationships with sales reps over the years. When I need something, I’ll call one of my friends in the industry. In fact, if a rep reaches out to me over the phone, I appreciate it. The rep I work with at Ortho Tech — Lisa Mannarino — used to be an orthodontic assistant. She helps me out a lot!”

To save money, Misty recommends buying in bulk where possible. “I’m not on a big budget, so I try to do a single large order of brackets every year,” she explains. Knowing where to order from is important too. “Ortho Tech has high- quality products, so I try to get as much as I can from them.” Thanks for the love, Misty! When she’s not keeping two clinics stocked, Misty enjoys spending time with her sons, especially on the playing field. “With two boys, sports have always been huge in our family,” she explains. She’s also a health and fitness enthusiast, which she admits can interfere with her love of baking. “It’s hard because I can’t eat too much of my own cooking!” she says with a laugh.


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Thanks for sharing your story with us, Misty!

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