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NOV-DEC 2019

“We wanted to create an informative work that the regular people could understand.”

lives. He struggled with one question though: “How can I make Medicare approachable and understandable for the people who need it?” When Jason floated the idea of a Medicare book in 2016, that’s when the lightbulb went on for Tim. Together, we could make something that simply didn’t exist — a “blueprint” laying out this complex insurance plan in terms people could actually understand. So, the two of us began the process of becoming authors. It was far more grueling than we could have ever imagined, but we wanted to get it right. After all, the only published literature on Medicare at the time were either books that read like sales brochures or books which reminded us of college textbooks. We wanted to create an informative work that regular people could understand. We knewwe were putting out something very personal that we had not seen before. Both of us were nervous, but nothing could have prepared us for the response we received. Not only did the book get rave reviews, but our position as advisors also gave us a wholly new relationship with the people we served. We started staying in contact with people, hearing from them more often, and actually developing personal relationships with them — something we’d never experienced as brokers. In fact, Tim just recently received a very kind handwritten letter from a family he advises. He was moved beyond words. In all his decades in the industry, something like this has never happened before. It’s not lost on us that this first edition is reaching you close to Thanksgiving, and it couldn’t be a more appropriate time. The amount of support and gratitude we have received from you as we began this experiment in Medicare advising has taken our breath away. In a season that is so busy for us —we barely have time to enjoy turkey and stuffing — receiving thanks from the people we serve does wonders to keep us going.

If all our years in the Medicare industry have taught us one thing, it’s that people get left in the cold. After an agent signs you up for a plan, it’s very rare to ever hear from them again. You’re left alone to navigate one of the most complex health insurance programs on the market. It shouldn’t be this way. That’s why we’re proud to be launching this newsletter. It’s an opportunity for us to stay connected with you well after you’ve signed on to Medicare, as well as share insights and news from the industry. In many ways, this publication is an extension of the mission we set out with three years ago when we wrote “Medicare Blueprint: A Just-the-Facts Approach to Designing Your Medicare Benefits.” So, seeing as this is our first edition, we want to share the story of howwe became authors, and, by extension, true Medicare advisors. Jason actually wanted to write a book for many years; he just didn’t think it would be about Medicare. But on Jan. 1, 2014, The Affordable Care Act came into effect. The new rules, higher rates, and general confusion that came with the passage of this bill made Jason realize just how complacent he had been as an employee benefits broker. Now he had a chance to use his knowledge to make a difference in people’s lives. That’s when he called Tim. We’ve actually known each other for many years — Tim even worked with Jason’s father decades ago. And while Jason was beginning to think about the need to write the literal book on Medicare, Timwas discovering the need for such a guide himself. He’d been writing Medicare plans for individuals since 2003 and came to love the work. By 2009, many of the employers he’d sold insurance to over the years were turning 65 and came to him for advice on their own Medicare plans. A MOVE TOWARD GRATITUDE How Our Partnership Began

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours,

–Tim Hanbury & Jason Mackey

Delving more and more into this niche field, Tim found that he felt a deep sense of fulfillment in helping people reach this next important step in their



What our Clients Think!

Sitting Right

Nothing means more to us than hearing we’ve made a positive impact on our clients’ lives. We’re so grateful for all those who have shared their kind words with us over the years. Here are a few that touched our hearts!

“Once I contacted you about applying for Medicare, you helped walk me through the process with phone calls and emails. I was stressing out about applying for Medicare and supplemental insurance, but you made it easy and quick. No stress, and you took the guess work out of it. Thank you for all you did. Great customer service.”

Taking the Pain Out of Travel

With the holidays right around the corner, we’re sure many of you are making plans to visit friends and family — or even make a trip down to warmer latitudes. But whether you’re driving cross-country or taking flight, one thing is certain: Travel can be a pain in the neck. But with a little precaution, you can keep yourself limber and pain-free for the holidays! The Basics Whether you’re driving or flying, proper sitting posture is key. Ideally, your seat should be angled to support the natural arch of your spine, anywhere from 100 to 110 degrees. Your tailbone should be positioned right where the seatback meets the cushion, and there should be about an inch of space between the edge of the seat and the back of your knees. If applicable, adjust the headrest so you can rest your head comfortably in its center. Finally, keep both feet evenly spaced and firmly planted on the ground — unless you’re the driver of course! For Drivers Those behind the wheel have a few extra steps to worry about. After you adjust your seatback and assume the right posture, you may have to slide your whole seat forward or backward to ensure you can comfortably reach the pedals and steering wheel. Ideally, your arms should rest at right angles when your hands are on the wheel. You’ll also want to adjust your mirrors to require as little neck movement as possible. If you are hunching forward to see traffic through your rearview, your neck and back are going to be sore by the end of the journey. Stretch It Out When it comes right down to it, our bodies just don’t do very well when seated for long periods of time — even with perfect posture. On road trips or long flights, find the time to stretch your legs. Pulling into a rest stop or taking one or two laps down the aisle can do wonders to keep back and neck pain at bay.

–David Richards III, customer since 2019

“You demystified ‘Medicare speak.’ You thoughtfully considered what plans would be most appropriate for my current situation. You considered the viability of the companies I could choose from and their previous track records on premium changes.”

–Janet McKim, customer since 2018

“Moving into the Medicare arena was mind- boggling and intimidating for me at first. Tim Hanbury’s help and guidance made it a seamless and easy process. Tim cared for us and helped us all the way through the process of Medicare and the other options. The net result

is that Medicare is an easy-to-use and cost-effective method of health care coverage. I never spend a dime out of pocket, and I never have a problem with Medicare covering my claims. I must say at the age of 69, I work out every day of my life, I eat healthy meals, I drink in moderation and in the end, I take no medications at all and rarely have to see a doctor. Aging is a pleasant new chapter in my life. Tim Hanbury has been the best advisor that I have ever encountered.”

We hope these tips help you have a merry holiday season! Safe travels!

–Randolph Mathena, customer since 2015



If you’re still using your old Medicare card, time is running out. The Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015 required new Medicare cards that did not list their holder’s Social Security number to be issued. The act did establish a five-year period in which the old Medicare ID cards would still be accepted. However, this grace period ends at midnight, Jan. 1, 2020 — after which you will no longer be able to use your old card. Check the Mail You should have received your new card in the mail by now. It’s worth checking any unopened mail for this vital key to your health care. It will be in a plain white envelope from the Department of Health and Human Services. If you can’t find such an envelope, don’t worry, other options are still available to you. Print Your Card You can print your new Medicare ID card directly from the internet. Simply sign in to and follow the instructions. If you’ve never been to the website, you will have to create a account first. You can do this by visiting the website and clicking the “Create Account” button. If you do not have access to the internet or a printer, you aren’t out of luck. GOT YOUR MEDICARE CARD?

Give Them a Call If you have not received your card in the mail, it’s likely that the Department of Health and Human Services needs up-to-date information from you, such as your current address. By calling 1-800-633-4227, or 1-877-486-2048 for TTY users, you can get these discrepancies cleared up and expect a new card in the mail. Of course, with the holidays slowing down postage, you should use this option sooner rather than later. Don’t be left out in the cold this January without your new Medicare ID card.



This super easy and fun way to create homemade treats provides your kids with a healthier and more delicious alternative to packaged industrial candy. As a bonus, making it is an awesome Halloween activity for your family to enjoy.


• • • • • • • •

● 2 slices sourdough bread ● 2 tbsp Dijon mustard ● 2 slices Swiss cheese

● 1/3 cup shredded leftover turkey ● 3 tbsp leftover cranberry sauce ● 1/3 cup leftover dressing or stuffing

● 2 tbsp leftover gravy

● 1 tbsp butter, room temperature


Apples Pie Pumpkin Harvest Crops Thanksgiving

Holiday Fall Scarecrow Chilly Sweater

1. Coat inside of each bread slice with mustard and a slice of cheese. Place turkey and cranberry sauce on one slice and dressing and gravy on the other. 2. Combine sandwich and spread butter on both sides. 3. In a panini maker or large skillet, grill until crispy and golden brown. 4. Slice and serve.

Inspired by Food Network





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November is usually all about Thanksgiving, but it isn’t the only holiday that encourages generosity. Giving Tuesday is a phenomenal celebration in which millions of people from across the globe are inspired to spend 24 hours giving back to the communities they love.

hashtag #GivingTuesday. The website states that “... technology and social media could be used to make generosity go viral; that people fundamentally want to give and talk about giving.” Through massive social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, the individuals and companies participating in Giving Tuesday can spread their missions and messages all over the world, encouraging others to do the same. HowYou Can Celebrate Now is the perfect opportunity to support your community and the causes you believe in. The best part of this holiday is that “giving” doesn’t just refer to donating money. People can give back by volunteering their time to help a nonprofit business, donating goods and food, or just buying a stranger some lunch. Even the smallest actions can have the biggest impact. If you’re interested in participating in Giving Tuesday, get together with your friends, family, sports team members, or neighbors to brainstorm on how you can give back. To learn more about how you can participate, visit .


Origin and Goal Giving Tuesday is celebrated every year on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving, and this year, the holiday lands on Dec. 3! It was established in 2012 by the United Nations Foundation and New York’s 92nd Street Y as a response to consumer- driven holidays like Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The purpose of the holiday was to spread the spirit of giving, not only for the people in our nation but individuals across the world. The goal is “to create a massive wave of generosity that lasts well beyond that day and touches every person on the planet.” Technology at Its Best Through the use of social media and technology, the organization hopes to encourage and spread generosity on a global scale using the

Supporting the People You Believe In



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