Medicare Blueprint Advisors - November/December 2019


NOV-DEC 2019

“We wanted to create an informative work that the regular people could understand.”

lives. He struggled with one question though: “How can I make Medicare approachable and understandable for the people who need it?” When Jason floated the idea of a Medicare book in 2016, that’s when the lightbulb went on for Tim. Together, we could make something that simply didn’t exist — a “blueprint” laying out this complex insurance plan in terms people could actually understand. So, the two of us began the process of becoming authors. It was far more grueling than we could have ever imagined, but we wanted to get it right. After all, the only published literature on Medicare at the time were either books that read like sales brochures or books which reminded us of college textbooks. We wanted to create an informative work that regular people could understand. We knewwe were putting out something very personal that we had not seen before. Both of us were nervous, but nothing could have prepared us for the response we received. Not only did the book get rave reviews, but our position as advisors also gave us a wholly new relationship with the people we served. We started staying in contact with people, hearing from them more often, and actually developing personal relationships with them — something we’d never experienced as brokers. In fact, Tim just recently received a very kind handwritten letter from a family he advises. He was moved beyond words. In all his decades in the industry, something like this has never happened before. It’s not lost on us that this first edition is reaching you close to Thanksgiving, and it couldn’t be a more appropriate time. The amount of support and gratitude we have received from you as we began this experiment in Medicare advising has taken our breath away. In a season that is so busy for us —we barely have time to enjoy turkey and stuffing — receiving thanks from the people we serve does wonders to keep us going.

If all our years in the Medicare industry have taught us one thing, it’s that people get left in the cold. After an agent signs you up for a plan, it’s very rare to ever hear from them again. You’re left alone to navigate one of the most complex health insurance programs on the market. It shouldn’t be this way. That’s why we’re proud to be launching this newsletter. It’s an opportunity for us to stay connected with you well after you’ve signed on to Medicare, as well as share insights and news from the industry. In many ways, this publication is an extension of the mission we set out with three years ago when we wrote “Medicare Blueprint: A Just-the-Facts Approach to Designing Your Medicare Benefits.” So, seeing as this is our first edition, we want to share the story of howwe became authors, and, by extension, true Medicare advisors. Jason actually wanted to write a book for many years; he just didn’t think it would be about Medicare. But on Jan. 1, 2014, The Affordable Care Act came into effect. The new rules, higher rates, and general confusion that came with the passage of this bill made Jason realize just how complacent he had been as an employee benefits broker. Now he had a chance to use his knowledge to make a difference in people’s lives. That’s when he called Tim. We’ve actually known each other for many years — Tim even worked with Jason’s father decades ago. And while Jason was beginning to think about the need to write the literal book on Medicare, Timwas discovering the need for such a guide himself. He’d been writing Medicare plans for individuals since 2003 and came to love the work. By 2009, many of the employers he’d sold insurance to over the years were turning 65 and came to him for advice on their own Medicare plans. A MOVE TOWARD GRATITUDE How Our Partnership Began

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours,

–Tim Hanbury & Jason Mackey

Delving more and more into this niche field, Tim found that he felt a deep sense of fulfillment in helping people reach this next important step in their



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