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July 2019

Looking for Help in All the Right Places

As far back as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to help people get to a life they love. After all, we’re not here for a long time. I like to think that I’ve been able to make that sort of life for myself too. Whether my work was in the hospitality industry finding people the right venues to spread their message and build their brand, training sales teams to be the best they can be, or helping the great people at Generations Law get their clients on the right track, I’ve been fortunate enough to cover a lot of ground. While I may not be there physically, my time with Generations Law has been my most rewarding endeavor yet. Working with Matt and Tom has given me the opportunity to spend some virtual face time with a pair of attorneys who truly care about their clients' futures. I’m just happy to pitch in through my paralegal work and help this ship sail a little more smoothly. It’s been a great chance to work alongside a pair of lifelong learners and teachers who take the utmost pride in their work. In fact, when I was growing up, I wanted to do exactly what they do. As the years went on, I slowly drifted into other sectors of the business world, but my interest in the field of law never waned. Law runs in my family. My uncle was a judge, and my father was an attorney, so I spent a lot of my formative years inside my dad’s law firm. After being around it for so long, I gradually picked up on the sorts of things that need to be done

around a law office. From the time I was 12 years old until I graduated from college, I found myself working at my dad’s side. When I wasn’t running documents to the courthouse — yes, that was how we had to do it before we had the luxuries of technology — I was sitting in on court proceedings and seeing how the legal system worked from the inside. However, during my senior year at the University of Oregon, I realized that I’d had enough schooling for my lifetime. After I graduated, I entered the hospitality industry in Spokane, the city I still call home today. The next 13 years flew by as I worked alongside convention centers and hotels to sell parts of our fair city to potential renters. Then I used my talents in a position where I trained sales teams on the nuances of our profession. It wasn’t until last summer that fate intervened. I had posted on a job site that matches your profile with businesses that would be a good fit, and I was surprised to see that I matched with Tom’s profile. Right off the bat, I knew that this was somebody I wanted to work with. I could tell after a few conversations that Tom was a kindred spirit — a serious communicator with a soft side for his family. Matt is the younger of the two, working hard to build his business alongside his partner. He has never been anything but helpful along the way. I could quickly tell that

these guys aren’t your run-of-the- mill, stereotypical lawyers. When they eventually brought me on, I was happy to be a part of such a well-centered firm. Even though I work remotely and we’ve never met in person, I have a great relationship with my friends here at Generations Law. When I’m not in my virtual office, I love running half-marathons and training for my passion as a long-distance runner. I’m also lucky enough to have two little boys who take up most of my evenings and weekends by having me shuttle them back and forth from club soccer games and baseball tournaments. But I couldn’t be happier with the opportunity to work from home and the chance to be around my little ones and wonderful husband. When the kids aren’t busy, we love doing anything outdoors. With more than 50 lakes within 50 miles of my city, that’s a pretty easy thing to do. At the end of the day, I think I’ve got it pretty good. I’m so happy to be spending my time with the great group of people at Generations Law. Our dedication to our clients and services is simply unmatched. To find out more about what we can do for you, give us a call at (208) 401-9300 or visit our website anytime at www.

–Kelsey Soukup



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