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JUNE 2019



We have a wonderful team here at Peak Performance Sports and Spine, and I wanted our readers to have a chance to learn more about them. That’s why, for this month’s newsletter edition, we’ll be featuring our team member Michael Blizniak. Michael is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, and his passion for cycling coincides with his desire to help his patients with their physical health. I come from a family of teachers, nurses, and physical therapists, and my exposure to these evolving fields led me to where I am now as a physical therapist. It’s a perfect career that allows me to combine all of my interests into one. Practicing physical therapy enables me to be mobile and independent in where I want to live and work, which has opened many doors and avenues for current and future opportunities. As a physical therapist, there are many paths one can take. Working in education, research, private practice, or in many other health care settings are all viable options physical therapists can pursue. When I thought of becoming a physical therapist, these possibilities were very exciting. I started working at Peak Performance in 2018. My wife had just graduated from nurse practitioner school in Seattle

and was accepted into the Yakima Valley Farm Workers NP Residency program. We decided to move to Yakima so I could support her while she participated in her nurse practitioner residency. During the summer of 2018, I was looking to work for a physical therapist owned clinic, and Peak Performance was perfect. I was able to combine physical therapy with one of my passions — bike fitting. Growing up, I lived out in the country outside of Buffalo, New York, and having a bike meant freedom and independence. My bike gave me the ability to explore the surrounding area and learn more about myself. I continued to cycle throughout college and while performing my clinical rotations around the country. Since then, I have rode my bikes in New Jersey, North Carolina, California, Colorado, Oregon, and most recently, Seattle. In each place, cycling has allowed me to learn more about the communities I was living in. Becoming a certified bike fitter came naturally to me. I am an avid cyclist and bike racer, and I understand the dynamics of cycling and being an endurance athlete. I became certified to help other cyclists with my knowledge and experience. A common misconception is that riding a bike brings natural aches and pains. Many cyclists think it’s normal if their back or

neck starts to hurt or if their feet, knees, or legs go numb, but it’s not.

Bike fitting at the clinic is a very personal experience: Clients bring in their own bike and I set them up on a stationary bike trainer. I take my time and fully examine and evaluate their position on the bike. I take measurements using a laser and goniometer of their hip, shoulder, elbow, and foot positions. I use that information to adjust their bike to accommodate their specific biochemical and skeletal needs. My goal is to help ensure that my clients can return to cycling without limitation due to pain. Cycling can be a fun, pain-free way to exercise, and bike fitting is one way to accomplish that. I’m so happy for the opportunity to work with the amazing team at Peak Performance and everyone in the Yakima area. If you’re interested in a bike fitting, don’t hesitate to call our offices. I’ll be more than happy to work to help you achieve your cycling goals!

–Greg Huefner

–Michael Blizniak

• 1 509-453-PEAK (7325)

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