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Bee Passionate Tennessee Cheatham about keeping our community Litter Free!

A Litter awareness project created

entirely by Cheatham County Students.

In support of the Tennessee Department of

Transportation (T.D.O.T.) Stop Litter program,

the Tennessee State agricultural insect and wild flower

A Clean County is a Beautiful County!

have been chosen as the art creation to be made

entirely of found litter in the county.

2014 winners!

What started out with fourteen 5 foot x 3 foot iris shaped wooden structures built by the tech ed class at Sycamore High School, turned into a spectacular Museum of Litter public exhibition and live auction on April 22nd, raising over $2,200! It was a beautiful sunny afternoon at the Cheatham county Courthouse! The front lawn was littered with gorgeous museum quality masterpieces created by every school in the county as well as the CC Library story time kids. With 100% participation, it was a vision to behold. Litter costs our state over 11 million dollars annually cleaning our roadways from debris and litter. To bring a continuous awareness to our community, T.D.O.T. provided a grant to Cheatham County to educate our kids and the community about the negative impact litter has on our community. The Iris Tennessee Cheatham project was created and developed by The Keenan Group, Inc. to further enhance this mission. Mayor, David McCullough was proud to present the awards just prior to the auction that was conducted by Stephen Carr, a local acutioneer and realtor. Every one of the Iris structures were purchased and will be on display at various businesses, courthouse as well as some being donated back to the schools.

Photo courtesy of TimAdkinsAshland City Times

Best Use of Litter Sycamore Middle

Iris Tennessee Cheatham August 2013 Kidsville News! began this year-long school project to help bring awareness of the consequences litter has on our community, environment and financial resources. Sycamorehigh school technicaleducationclass,directedby teacher, JohnStaggs, are creating13 sculpturebasesof theTennessee Iris. One3’wx5’hwood sculpturewillbe delivered toeachparticipatingelementary,middleandhigh school in January ready to cover,decorateandcolorize inorder tocreateaMasterpiece! Themission is forall the students,parentsand teachers toget involved indecorating their school’s Iris sculptur onlyusing found litterwithin thecommunity. The sky is the limitas towhatyoucan create. Themission is togather“uglyandcostly” litterusing it tocreateabeautiful Tennessee Iris sculpture. most colorful cheatha middle

BEST OF SHOW & Most Beautiful Pegram Elementary

Thesedecoratedpiecesofartare tobecompleted byApril1st, andwillbegatheredanddelivered toour

“new”MuseumofLitterat theCheathamCountyCourthouse lawn foran outdoorartexhibitionduringEarthDayweekApril2014. TheCheatham CountyChamberofCommercewillbehelping togatherbusiness involvement toparticipate inapublicauctionwhereeach sculpturewillbe auctionedoffby Auctioneer, Stephen Carr. Both theclassbuilder of the sculptureand the schoolwhodecorated the sculpturewill share equally in theproceeds. Notonly is ita litterawarenessproject, it isalso a fundraisingeffort toenhance theartdepartmentsatall the schools,or howevereach schoolchooses toallocate their funds.ALLMONEYRAISED ATTHEAUCTIONGOES100%TOTHESCHOOLS! Most Creative cc library s ory time

Abeautification awareness project created

entirelyby Cheatham County Students.

Your Iris will deliver school January

In supportof theTennessee Departmentof Transportation (T.D.O.T.)Stop Litterprogram, KidsvilleNews! has selected theTennessee Irisas theart creation to bemade entirelyof found litter in thecounty.

Sponsored by the TDOT Litter Grant & the office of Cheatham County Mayor, David McCullough Let’s Talk Trash!

Thebasic iris sculpturewillb constructed out ofwoodand measure3 feetwideby5 feet thisbase sculpture, found litt tobeattached inany formor tobeautify and colorize.They painted orwhateverelse is d tomake this a sculpturemast These sculptureswill bedispl outdoors, so itmust be reaso weather resistant. This can b accomplishedbyusing shella items that canwithstand light Create amosaicof color! Ju trash is ugly, you can transfor intoabeautifulmasterpiece! AMONGTHESTANDARDSA •Each piece of artmust be saf public to interactwith •Eachmust be durable for han the public •Design standards do not allo productadvertising, inapprop verbage or images •Eachmust be able towithsta KidsvilleNews!,TheCCDept ofEduc CCMayor’sofficewill have the final a art submitted.

JohnStaggsSeniorTechEdClass arebusy creating Iris sculptures!

Cheatham County schools are blessed with an abundance of talented amateur artists! The art that will be represented at our first Museum of Litter will be the result of hundreds of hours of work by students, teachers and parents. technical excellence Sycamore High tech ed

Photo courtesy of TimAdkinsAshland City Times

Iris Tennessee Cheatham It isnot justanotherprettyproject!

23 Litter is a huge problem for Tennessee costing the state over $11 million dollars annually. The Keenan Group, Inc through a grant received by the Cheatham County Mayor’s office provided by T.D.O.T. is proud to announce this 2015-2016 school year-long project! KIDSVILLENEWS.COM/CHEATHAM Recognizing thevalueofeducationalpossibilitieswith thisartproject,KidsvilleNews! throughaCountygrant fromT.D.O.T. to support the state-wideStopLitterprogrambrings acontinuingawarenessof thenegative impact litterhasonourenvironment:community, agricultureandanimals. Inaddition to litterawareness,KidsvilleNews! in supportof thearts inour schools,has developed this school-wideartproject to raise funds formuchneededmaterialswithin each schoolwith the supportofTheCheathamCountyChamberand localbusinesses. EachmonthKidsvilleNews!hasandwillcontinue todiscussLitterand its impactonour community. MANY THANKS TO MIDWAY SUPPLY FOR BEING A PARTNER IN THE SCULPTURE SUPPLIES! Sponsoredby the TDOTLitterGrant & theoffice of CheathamCounty Mayor,David McCullough

Sponsored in part by the T.D.O.T. Litter Grant and the office of Cheatham County Mayor


recycled materials used in the production of this brochure

To create a public awareness of specific issues of concern.

Let’s Talk Trash!

Bee Passionate Tennessee Cheatham A year-long school project to help bring awareness of the consequences litter has on our community, environment and financial resources. S ycamore high school technical education class, directed by teacher, John Staggs, will create the sculpture bases of the BEE Passionate Tennessee Cheatham. One will be provided to each elementary, middle, high school as well as the Cheatham County Library for homeschoolers. The mission is for all the students, parents and teachers to get involved in decorating their school’s BEE Passionate sculpture only using found litter within the community. The sky is the limit as to what they can create. The mission is to gather “ugly and costly” litter using it to create beautiful Tennessee BEE Passionate sculptures. The sculpture bases will be completed by December and delivered to each participating school in the county to decorate and create their masterpiece. These decorated pieces of art will be completed by March 31st and delivered to our Second “Museum of Litter” at the Cheatham County Courthouse for an outside exhibition and Live Auction on Earth Day, April 22, 2016. The Cheatham County Chamber of Commerce will be helping to gather business involvement to participate in a public auction where each sculpture will be auctioned and the money raised will be donated to each school for their entry. Both the builder of the sculpture and the school who decorated the sculpture will share equally in the proceeds. Not only is it a school year-long litter awareness project, it is

Let’s Talk Trash!

Sponsoredby theTDOTLitterGrant &TheCheathamCountyMayor’sOffice SEPTEMBER -OCTOBER2015

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Sponsoredby theTDOTLitterGrant &TheCheathamCountyMayor’sOffice MARCH -APRIL2016

Sponsoredby theTDOTLitterGrant &TheCheathamCountyMayor’sOffice MAY2016

Entries due by October 15th!

Be sure to include your name, school, grade and your Teacher’s name!

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COLOR ME! CONTEST! See Details Inside!

COLOR ME! CONTEST! See Details Inside!

Let’s Talk Trash!

Let’s Talk Trash! Sponsoredby theTDOTLitterGrant &TheCheathamCountyMayor’sOffice JANUARY-FEBRUARY2016 Let’s Talk Trash!

Let’s Talk Trash!

Sponsoredby theTDOTLitterGrant &TheCheathamCountyMayor’sOffice NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2015

COLOR ME! CONTEST! See Details Inside!

COLOR ME! CONTEST! See Details Inside!

Let’s Talk Trash!

Let’s Talk Trash!

EDUCATIONAL COMPONENT: Beginning September 2015, an 8 page activity booklet will be distributed every other month to k-6 grade students. Fun activities and information relating to litter and its impact on our world will be included, as well as teacher project ideas and updates on the Bee Passionate Tennessee Cheatham project. Kids will also receive litter bags and may also include other school related supplies.

also a fundraising effort to enhance the art departments of each participating school, or however each chooses to allocate their funds. Our First “Museum of Litter” public auction raised over $2,200.00!

In 1919, the Tennessee General Assembly passed a resolution providing for a state flower to be chosen by a vote of the state’s school children... Tennessee has two state flowers. The Purple Passionflower (Passiflora incarnata) is the state’s wildflower and the iris bcame the state’s cultivated flower in 1933. In 1919, the Tennessee General Assembly passed a resolution providing for a state flower to be chosen by a vote of the state’s school children, with the process to be overseen by a five-member commission. The resolution stated “That the flower which shall be named by the school children and certified by the commission shall be recognized as the State flower.” Shortly after the resolution was enacted, a newspaper listed children’s favorite flowers as including daisy, elder bloom, goldenrod, red clover, rose, sunflower, water lily, wild rose, and violet. However, after the votes were counted, the commission announced that the school children had selected the passion flower, making it the state flower. The Purple Passionflower, called “Ocoee” by the Cherokee and colloquially known as “maypop”, is native throughout the state and was reported to be abundant. By the early 1930s, flower gardening was growing in popularity, garden clubs were being organized, and Nashville had become known for the iris. Gardeners campaigned to have the iris designated the state flower, and in 1933 the General Assembly adopted a resolution stating “The State of Tennessee has never adopted a State Flower” and designating the iris as the “State Flower of Tennessee.” Because the General Assembly had designated the iris as the state flower without rescinding the previous designation of the passion flower, the state essentially had two state flowers until 1973. In that year the General Assembly resolved the confusion by designating the passion flower the state wildflower and the iris the state cultivated flower. The act naming the iris as the state flower did not specify a particular color or variety of this diverse plant. However, according to the Tennessee Department of State the purple iris is generally considered to be the state flower. Source links: Fast Facts Nine out of about 400 passionflower plants (Passiflora spp.) grow in the United States, where they thrive in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 6 through 11. The exotic flowers attract a number of butterflies and insects and most species have evergreen foliage, which you can use to provide a living privacy screen in your yard. Passionflowers need filtered full sun or partial shade to produce the best flowers.

State Wild Flower The Passion Flower

Passiflora, known also as the passion flowers or passion vines, is a genus of about 500 species of flowering plants, the namesakes of the family Passifloraceae. They are mostly vines, with some being shrubs, and a few species being herbaceous.

Scientific name: Passiflora

Rank: Genus

Higher classification: Passifloraceae Lower classifications: Passiflora pardifolia, Passiflora tarminiana

State Agricultural Insect Bee A honey bee, in contrast with the stingless honey bee, is any member of the genus Apis, primarily distinguished by the production and storage of honey and the construction of perennial, colonial nests from wax.

The honeybee was recognized as the official state agricultural insect of Tennessee in 1990. Tennessee recognizes three other insects as state symbols: the firefly, ladybug, and the zebra swallowtail butterfly The social honeybee (Apis mallifera) plays a vital role in Tennessee agriculture by pollinating crops, trees, and grasses. Bee pollination is critical to plant and human survival - beeswax and honey are just surplus gifts from this tiny wonder of nature. The plant world expends a lot of energy attracting bees and other insects with brilliantly colored flowers and sweet nectar (nectar is produced solely to attract pollinating insects). The honeybee is recognized as an official state symbol in seventeen states, primarilly because honeybees play such an important role in agriculture. Source

Fast Facts •There are three types of bees in the hive – Queen, Worker and Drone. •The queen may lay 600-800 or even 1,500 eggs each day during her 3 or 4 year lifetime. This daily egg production may equal her own weight. She is constantly fed and groomed by attendant worker bees. •Honey bees fly at 15 miles per hour. •Honey bees’ wings stroke 11,400 times per minute, thus making their distinctive buzz. •Honeybees are the only insect that produce food for humans. •Honeybees will usually travel approximately 3 miles from their hive.

Scientific name: Apis Rank: Genus Higher classification: Apini Lower classifications: Apis koschevnikovi, Apis cerana,

•Honeybees are the only bees that die after they sting. •Honeybees are responsible for pollinating approx 80% of all fruit, vegetable and seed crops in the U.S. •Honeybees have five eyes, 3 small ones on top of the head and two big ones in front. They also have hair on their eyes! •Bees communicate with each other by dancing and by using pheromones (scents). •Honeybees never sleep!

The Keenan Group, Inc, The Cheatham County Department of Education and the Cheatham County Mayor’s office will have the final approval of all artwork Among the standards are: • Each piece of art must be safe for the public to interact with • Each must be durable for handling by the public • Design standards do not allow any direct product advertising, inappropriate verbage or images • Each must be able to withstand light rain

Bee Passionate Tennessee Cheatham is not just another pretty project Recognizing the value of educational possibilities with this art project, The Keenan Group, Inc, through a County grant from T.D.O.T. to support the state-wide Stop Litter program, brings a continuing awareness of the negative impact litter has on our environment: community, agriculture and animals. In addition to litter awareness, the Keenan Group, Inc in support of the arts in our schools, has developed this school-wide art project to raise funds for much needed materials within each school with the support of The Cheatham County Chamber and local businesses. Every other month beginning in September, Litter will be discussed and periodically simple interactive activities for all kids will be presented to get involved. Cheatham County schools are blessed with an abundance of talented amateur artists! The art that will be represented at our Second Museum of Litter on Earth Day (April 22, 2016) will be the result of hundreds of hours of work by students, teachers and parents.

This became this!

5’h x 3’ w 2015-2016 Template to decorate

The BEE Passionate Tennessee Cheatham sculpture will be constructed out of wood and wood-like materials and will measure 3 feet wide by 5 feet tall. On this base sculpture, found litter items will be attached in any form or fashion to beautify and colorize. They can be painted or whatever else is desired to make a beautiful piece of art. It will be important to note that these sculptures will be displayed outdoors, so it must be reasonably weather resistant. This can be accomplished by using shellac, or other items that can withstand light rain.

Create a mosaic of color! Just because trash is ugly, you can transform its use into a beautiful masterpiece!

Thanks to the help of these sponsors who have stepped up to make this Bee Passionate Tennessee Cheatham Countywide Anti-Litter Project become a Success!

Sponsored in part by the T.D.O.T. Litter Grant and the office of Cheatham County Mayor

The Keenan Group, Inc. 615-746-2443 • P.O. Box 458 • Pleasant View, Tennessee 37146 Logo, Design & Printing courtesy of Debbie Keenan The Keenan Group, Inc.

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©2016 The Keenan Group, Inc

Auction Raises over $3,500!

One of the best celebrations we could have on gorgeous sunny spring Earth Day would “BEE PASSIONATE TENNESSEE CHEATHAM about Anti-litter!” The 2nd Museum of Litter & Auction took place Friday, April 22nd at the Cheatham County Courthouse lawn. From simple wooden structures transformed into glistening and colorful art masterpieces, all of our schools presented the best of their creativity! In 2014, the first Museum of Litter auction raised $2,200. Not to be outdone by the first, the 2016 Museum of Litter and auction, presided again by Stephen Carr, Auctioneer, raised a larger sum of $3,506.00! Best of Show and Most Colorful awards went to Ashland City

Elementary, raising the largest bid of $1,000.00! On the following pages are all the entries and Honorable Mention award winners. Best use of Litter: Sycamore Academy. Most Creative: West Cheatham Elementary. Most Beautiful: Pleasant View Elementary. Technical Excellence: Sycamore Tech Ed Department.

Emcee: Craig Kitch of

All proceeds are being distributed to all schools. One half of the proceeds go to the Sycamore High School Technical Education department for building these structures and the other half is distributed to each school according to the actual bid amounts. During the School year 2017-2018, a third Museum of Litter Art project will be presented. This 3rd art project will be related to one of Tennessee’s wildlife to be announced at a later date.

Photos: Tim Adkins, The Ashland City Times

The Ashland City Times

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Bubble wrap Straws

Plastic bags Pv mill bags Yellow milk cartons VHS tape film Clear plastic bottles Bottle caps


Detergent bottles Drink bottles Bottle caps Plastic straws


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Reflector lights Multi colored grocery bags Cutips Pipe cleaners Yellow easter eggs

W.CHEATHAM ELEM RAISED: $350 Paper towel rolls Bottle caps Milk carton handles Cardboard

Milk cartons Plastic plates

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©2016 The Keenan Group, Inc

HARPETH HIGH RAISED: $100 Grocery bags Bottle caps Discarded building scraps: tile, etc

KS ELEMENTARY RAISED: $130 Popsicle sticks Brocken cd’s Key board keys Record Plates Plastic bottles

UT EXT - 4 H RAISED: $60.00 Headphone & mic Soda cartons Bubble wrap Broken glass Paper cups Grocery bags Fabric remnants

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PV CHRISTIAN RAISED: $90.00 Can pop tabs Tissue boxes Candy wrappers Plastic bags Fabric remnants Drink bottles Bottle caps

PEGRAM ELEMENTARY RAISED: $100 Paper Paper plates Cardboard


Bubble wrap Newspapers Packing Paper

Packing Envelopes Plastic Gallon Jugs

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©2016 The Keenan Group, Inc

CC LIBRARY RAISED: $100 Legos Plastic bags Starws Bundle straps


SYCAMORE MIDDLE RAISED: $200 Bottle caps Old fabric

Broken plates Broken glass

Plastic spoons Grave flowers Creamer top Plastic plate Straws Plastic cups Coke bottles

Newspaper Bottle caps Orange juice caps Pencils

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EAST CHEATHAM ELEM RAISED: $150 Drink box labels

HARPETH MIDDLE RAISED: $150 Truck bed liner Porch awning Plastic bags Tv antenna Water gallon jugs Soda bottles

CHEATHAM MIDDLE RAISED: $$101.00 Bike tire thread

Plastic bottles Plastic spoons Bottle caps Soda can bottoms

Bottle caps Soda cans Shot gun shells Water bottles Cell phone parts Soda bottles

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