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Home for the Holidays? Our Topsy-Turvy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is going to be funny this year. As I’ve mentioned in the past, my family is in the process of building our new home, and we couldn’t be more excited to move in. The plan was for the finishing touches to be done early November — just in time for us to host the big feast! But, as anyone familiar with construction can tell you, things rarely go as planned. At the time of writing, I’ve just received word we won’t be able to move in until just before Christmas. We’re keeping a good attitude about it (Hey, we don’t have to worry about doing all the cooking this year!), but it has really left our holiday plans up in the air. When I planned to write this article about my Thanksgiving plans, I certainly wasn’t expecting this much speculation! I can say this experience is certainly helping us see the holiday from a new perspective. Normally, we always have our plans figured out way in advance — not having that stability this year is a great reminder of how fortunate we normally are. While I can’t say for sure whose feast we’ll be crashing this year, I know one tradition will be untouched by our housing woes. My wife is a Black Friday mastermind. She, her mom, and two of her friends have been braving the shopping day for over 20 years now, and they’ve become real pros. As soon as the turkey is cleared away, the four of them break out newspapers and Sharpies hunting for the very best deals. It feels strangely similar to a planning scene out of “Ocean’s 11.” This year all those newspapers will come in handy — we’ll need them to pack fragile items for our (hopefully) upcoming move.

Construction progress on our new home!

Honestly, my wife’s Black Friday shopping may as well be a heist. She finds some real steals during her 12-hour spree, all while managing to get 90% of our holiday shopping done. I’m eternally grateful to have married someone with such a passion for good deals. It makes the Friday after Thanksgiving incredibly easy on me. While Mom’s out shopping up a storm, the kids and I get to sleep in. I’ll usually take them out to do something fun, like fishing or a gravity-extreme jump place. It’s become my own favorite Black Friday tradition — and one that will thankfully be left untouched by our housing kerfuffle. Just talking about these traditions has already made me excited for the holiday, house or no house. It’s times like this that remind you how lucky you are to have the

people in your life and the meaningful memories you’ve made with them. No matter where we spend Thanksgiving this year, we’ll be home — that’s where the heart is, after all.

Here’s wishing a happy Thanksgiving to you and yours,

-Francisco | 1

The Sport That United a Country THE 1995 RUGBY WORLD CUP

In early November, the 2019 Rugby World Cup will wrap up in Japan. The international competition brings out world-class athletes and entertainment. While matches are certainly intense, respect for the competition and for referees is a core tenet of rugby culture. After going head-to-head with an opponent, you’ll still shake hands, and maybe have a beer together, at the end of a match. This principle was on full display nearly 25 years ago at the 1995 Rugby World Cup final in South Africa. The South African Springboks were up against the New Zealand All Blacks, and a number of factors made this an exceptional match. Just a few years earlier in 1991, apartheid legislation had been repealed in South Africa. The policy had left a deep cut, and the country still had a long journey toward healing and reparation. Nelson Mandela, who had been elected in 1994, was set on championing a “rainbow nation” in this new post-apartheid era.

game. It was controversial because of its connection to the architects of apartheid, but Mandela saw rugby’s potential as a symbol of hope and unity for a country that desperately needed it. Springboks captain Francois Pienaar (played by Matt Damon in “Invictus,” the film adaptation of this event) thought the president’s support of the team was a brilliant act. “During those six weeks, what happened in this country was incredible,” Pienaar said. Just before the final game that would decide the 1995 World Cup winners, Mandela sported a Springboks jersey and stood behind the team. Through a hard-fought match, South Africa came out on top, and, after receiving the trophy from President Mandela, Pienaar explained the atmosphere of the event: “When the final whistle blew, this country changed forever.” If the 1995 World Cup was any indication, the camaraderie inherent to rugby can transcend all kinds of barriers. Meet a fellow rugby player or fan in any part of the world, and you’ll likely forge an instant kinship. In 2021, you can look forward to cheering on the women’s teams during the Rugby World Cup in New Zealand.

Rugby started in England in the late 1800s, and colonizers took it to South Africa, where South Africans of every color embraced the


From Blackbeard to Jack Sparrow, pop culture teems with pirates who frequented the ports of the Caribbean. And while these pirates are well-known for their (sometimes fictional) accomplishments, the most successful pirate in history terrorized the seas of China instead. Her name was Ching Shih. Ching Shih, who was born Shih Yang, was working in a Cantonese brothel when she met the pirate Zheng Yi. He came from a long family of notorious pirates and was impressed by Ching Shih’s cunning. They married in 1801 and built a pirate empire known as the Red Flag Fleet. When Zheng Yi passed away suddenly in 1807, Ching Shih strategically maneuvered her way into leadership, taking control of over 60,000 pirates. Historians describe Ching Shih as a brilliant military strategist, a skilled businesswoman, and a harsh disciplinarian. After taking control of the fleet, Ching Shih implemented a strict code of conduct. The code included rules for distributing booty, protecting female captives, and beheading anyone who disobeyed Ching Shih. Under her rule, the bloody crimes of piracy became a profitable business. The Red Flag Fleet would eventually clash with the British Empire, the Portuguese Empire, and the Qing dynasty of China, but no one could topple the pirate queen.

office of a local governor-general, completely unarmed, and requested full pardons and government jobs for her entire crew— along with permission to keep all their stolen goods. In exchange, she promised to give up piracy for good. Thankful to be free of the Red Flag Fleet, the Chinese government agreed to her terms. Ching Shih’s second husband was even made an officer in the Chinese navy. Ching Shih returned to Canton with her vast wealth and spent the next 34 years living a life of comfort with her family and running a gambling den. In 1844, the legendary pirate queen passed away of old age at 69, a rare feat for pirates of her era.

After almost a decade of pillaging the high seas, Ching Shih decided piracy wasn’t the best retirement plan. In 1810, she walked into the

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GET MORE BANK FOR YOUR BUCK Take Full Advantage of Your Financial Institution

Whether you’re banking with a credit union or a national giant, your financial institution likely offers more resources, account options, and saving plans than you’re using — or even aware of. As one NerdWallet article puts it, “Banks and credit unions continue to find new ways to both delight and confound customers.” If you focus on the delights, you can get more bang for your buck out of the financial institution you’re already using. Plus, there’s a good chance you’ll pick up new ways to stretch your retirement fund, grow your investments, and pass nest eggs to your grandkids along the way. Take these two easy steps to get started. 1. Get Clicking Even for someone with plenty of internet savvy, bank websites can be intimidating. Most are filled with tabs and portals that overwhelm customers, causing them to limit their interactions to plugging in a username and password to check their balance. Don’t fall into that trap! If you want to get a complete picture of what your bank has to offer, its website is the place to start. Next time you log in, set aside an hour or two to explore the site tab by tab. Take note of products and services you might not be using, like mobile banking apps, 24-hour hotlines, continuing education, and additional account options and their interest rates. Schwab, for example, offers a free online learning center complete with seminars, one-on-one financial advice, and more than 300 informative articles and videos. 2. Schedule a Sit-Down If your bank has a brick-and-mortar location near you, make a point to visit it. While there, take the time to learn about the latest updates from the reading materials on offer, make an appointment with a financial analyst, or speak with a bank teller. It’s in your bank’s interest to see your accounts grow, so representatives are happy to help. If you’ve already explored your bank’s website, this is the time to ask follow-up questions on what you found or make a financial move in a new direction. Whether you’ve decided on a 529 plan or a high-interest checking account, your banking representative can make it happen.


Inspired by


2 slices sourdough bread

1/3 cup leftover dressing or stuffing

2 tbsp Dijon mustard

2 tbsp leftover gravy

2 slices Swiss cheese

• 1 tbsp butter, room temperature Note: Don’t worry if you don’t have all the leftovers required.

1/3 cup shredded leftover turkey

3 tbsp leftover cranberry sauce


1. Coat inside of each bread slice withmustard and a slice of cheese. Place turkey and cranberry sauce on one slice and dressing and gravy on the other. 2. Combine sandwich and spread butter on both sides. 3. In a panini maker or large skillet, grill until crispy and golden brown. 4. Slice and serve. | 3



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When Thanksgiving Plans Turn Upside Down

The 1995 Rugby World Cup History’s Most Successful Pirate


The Best Leftover Turkey Sandwich How to Get More From Your Bank



The Legend of Sergeant Reckless


Animals have acted as companions to humankind for thousands of years. They’re a near-constant source of companionship, comfort, and aid. Unfortunately, military animals don’t often get the recognition they deserve. One horse, in particular, was essential to the success of her regiment during the KoreanWar. Meet Sergeant Reckless. Bought for $250 in 1952 by a U.S. Marine Corps lieutenant at a Seoul racetrack, Sergeant Reckless was trained to carry ammunition for the 5th Marine Regiment. Her name was a play on the“recoilless”rifle ammunition she carried and a nod to the daredevil attitude of the soldiers who used them. Reckless was pivotal for her regiment inmore ways than one. As Robin Hutton notes in her book“Sgt. Reckless: America’sWar Horse,” “Because horses are‘herd’animals, the Marines became her herd. She bonded so deeply with them that Reckless would go anywhere and do anything to help her adopted family.”

Sergeant Reckless’ greatest achievement occurred during the final stages of the Battle of Outpost Vegas. During the bloody five-day campaign, Reckless made 51 trips to resupply guns over the course of a single day. By the end of the battle, she had carried 386 rounds of ammunition by walking 35 miles through rice paddies and mountain trails. After dropping off the ammunition, Reckless would then bring wounded soldiers back to safety. Reckless was trained to lie down when under fire and avoid barbed wire, and her ability to do so without needing human command saved many lives during the battle. Reckless would close out her war career with two Purple Hearts and the rank of staff sergeant. She spent the rest of her years at Camp Pendleton in California. To learn more about this legendary mare, be sure to check out “Sgt. Reckless: America’s War Horse” by Robin Hutton.

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SECRET # 1 Did you know that banks aren't required to honor a valid POA in Arizona? There are 2 probates your living trust should be protecting you from. If your trust isn't protecting you from a LIVING PROBATE and from the PROBATE AFTER DEATH , then something is missing and it could cost you $67,000 - $100,000 in probate fees. SECRET # 2 When a bank, investment company, or real estate agent needs to deal with your living trust, they are allowed to say NO if they think it is "too old". If they do, your home sale and life savings can all be FROZEN and restricted. You can't access your own money and your family can be required to spend $50,000 to get a court order to UNFREEZE your accounts. SECRET # 3 Do you know that 1,000 people die everyday in Arizona in car accidents? Your living trust must be ready to go every single day of your life. Starting today, your family is relying on you to get this right. And then every day in the future, your living trust needs to be correct as your days go by, as your life changes, and as the laws change.

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