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Home for the Holidays? Our Topsy-Turvy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is going to be funny this year. As I’ve mentioned in the past, my family is in the process of building our new home, and we couldn’t be more excited to move in. The plan was for the finishing touches to be done early November — just in time for us to host the big feast! But, as anyone familiar with construction can tell you, things rarely go as planned. At the time of writing, I’ve just received word we won’t be able to move in until just before Christmas. We’re keeping a good attitude about it (Hey, we don’t have to worry about doing all the cooking this year!), but it has really left our holiday plans up in the air. When I planned to write this article about my Thanksgiving plans, I certainly wasn’t expecting this much speculation! I can say this experience is certainly helping us see the holiday from a new perspective. Normally, we always have our plans figured out way in advance — not having that stability this year is a great reminder of how fortunate we normally are. While I can’t say for sure whose feast we’ll be crashing this year, I know one tradition will be untouched by our housing woes. My wife is a Black Friday mastermind. She, her mom, and two of her friends have been braving the shopping day for over 20 years now, and they’ve become real pros. As soon as the turkey is cleared away, the four of them break out newspapers and Sharpies hunting for the very best deals. It feels strangely similar to a planning scene out of “Ocean’s 11.” This year all those newspapers will come in handy — we’ll need them to pack fragile items for our (hopefully) upcoming move.

Construction progress on our new home!

Honestly, my wife’s Black Friday shopping may as well be a heist. She finds some real steals during her 12-hour spree, all while managing to get 90% of our holiday shopping done. I’m eternally grateful to have married someone with such a passion for good deals. It makes the Friday after Thanksgiving incredibly easy on me. While Mom’s out shopping up a storm, the kids and I get to sleep in. I’ll usually take them out to do something fun, like fishing or a gravity-extreme jump place. It’s become my own favorite Black Friday tradition — and one that will thankfully be left untouched by our housing kerfuffle. Just talking about these traditions has already made me excited for the holiday, house or no house. It’s times like this that remind you how lucky you are to have the

people in your life and the meaningful memories you’ve made with them. No matter where we spend Thanksgiving this year, we’ll be home — that’s where the heart is, after all.

Here’s wishing a happy Thanksgiving to you and yours,

-Francisco | 1

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