Keystone Law Firm November 2019


SECRET # 1 Did you know that banks aren't required to honor a valid POA in Arizona? There are 2 probates your living trust should be protecting you from. If your trust isn't protecting you from a LIVING PROBATE and from the PROBATE AFTER DEATH , then something is missing and it could cost you $67,000 - $100,000 in probate fees. SECRET # 2 When a bank, investment company, or real estate agent needs to deal with your living trust, they are allowed to say NO if they think it is "too old". If they do, your home sale and life savings can all be FROZEN and restricted. You can't access your own money and your family can be required to spend $50,000 to get a court order to UNFREEZE your accounts. SECRET # 3 Do you know that 1,000 people die everyday in Arizona in car accidents? Your living trust must be ready to go every single day of your life. Starting today, your family is relying on you to get this right. And then every day in the future, your living trust needs to be correct as your days go by, as your life changes, and as the laws change.

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