Learn | Issue 2 Winter 2020

Q & A with GRS Sales Manager Josh Hamlin Space to Grow An Inside Look at the New GRSTC

The GRS Training Center underwent a major expansion in 2019. What was the reason for this expansion? The old training center was fantastic, but it was rapidly becoming too small for our growing needs. To meet the changing demands from the market it was necessary to increase the studio space. Each engraving studio was expanded by a third, and a larger third classroom was added — it is dedicated to fabrication, smithing, stone setting, and other creative processes that were impossible to accomplish in the previous space. Now, we can better meet the demand and offer more new and challenging classes for many years to come. What was the planning process like with the new building? One word — exciting! The entire process was a lot of fun and challenging. Fun because we were able to bring to life so many ideas we’ve been talking about for the past five–seven years. It was challenging because not every idea is feasible in a multi-functional space. I learned a ton and I had a blast doing it.

Why a third classroom? What needs does it meet? The third classroom opens the door to so many new opportunities. Most importantly, our ability to facilitate a wide range of project-style classes. This new space allows our instructors to expand beyond just engraving and stone setting and incorporate more creative processes into the project, like soldering, sawing, forming, polishing, fabricating, etching, etc. Every process has its place in the new space. No more portable vent hood hooked up to the window. No more pickle pots in the kitchen. No more polishing in the break room. Everything can be done in the same space with the instructor available. Since there are now three classrooms, will we be seeing three classes taking place at the same time in the future? This question brings me a lot of anxiety. Yes, we will absolutely offer three classes at the same time... someday. We are still working out the logistics, but it will happen. As I grow more accustomed to the idea, I am starting to realize all the great benefits.




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