Learn | Issue 2 Winter 2020


Create relief cuts. Align the shank of a 0.6 mm ball bur opposite the prong to be cut. Have the bur situated on the midpoint of the scribed line and continually sink the bur into the prong until it’s fully into the prong, but no deeper than halfway through the thickness of the prong. Sinking the bur tip more than halfway into the prong will weaken the prong’s structure. Continue to cut reliefs into each prong to accommodate the stone’s corners.

prong to create a pocket. 6.

Use a #06 bud bur to cut along the scribed line. Sink the tip of the bud bur into the relief hole and angle it to be perpendicular with the prong, cutting along the scribed line. Do this on either side of the relief hole, all along the scribed line. Cut about half the depth of the bud bur into the




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