Learn | Issue 2 Winter 2020

Are you an Engraver, Jeweler, or Stone Setter? I am all three. I work full time as a bench jeweler, optical diamond setter, and hand engraver. How long have you been an Engraver/Jeweler/ Stone Setter? I have been working at the bench professionally for five and a half years. How did you first become interested in Engraving/Jewelry/Stone Setting? Jewelry has been a lifelong passion for me. The first piece of jewelry I ever got was at the age of five from a market in Mexico while on a family vacation. It was a glass pendant. From then on, I was always drawn to the art of adornment. How did you learn this set of skills? What training have you pursued? I obtained my set of skills through a few different schools and training centers. In 2013, I started my Graduate Jeweler program at the Gemological Institute of America in Carlsbad, CA (GIA). After completing that course, I obtained my Graduate Gemologist degree. Over the course of the following few years, I took hand engraving classes at the GRS Training Center with Todd Daniels, Rex Pedersen and Sandy Popovich, and Sam Alfano. In 2018, I crossed the globe and earned my Optical Diamond Setting degree at the Alexandre School in Antwerp, Belgium. Please describe your work history/experience since you began metalworking. My first job in the trade was at Alchemy in Portland, Oregon. My mentor, David Iler, took me under his wing when I graduated from GIA. I spent three years there, learning the ins and outs of how a fine jewelry boutique runs. I was able to gain experience with high-end custom design and manufacturing, jewelry repair, sales, and client relations. It was a great environment to hone my skills and cut my teeth in the industry. After leaving Alchemy and studying in Antwerp, my partner Tessa Crowther and I launched Guzzon Luxury. I’ve been working full time with GL for the last two years.



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