Learn | Issue 2 Winter 2020

Where do you go for inspiration? Are there particular artists that inspire you? My biggest inspirations are usually outside of jewelry. Architecture is massively important to me for inspiration. When I was in Antwerp, I took photos of every door that caught my eye so that I could put them into a collection of inspiration. I am also largely influenced by graphic design, painting, and other visual mediums. Andy Gilmore is a favorite digital artist of mine. He utilizes a ton of geometry and some really interesting color theory. His work resonates with me a lot because I can typically translate it to pavé layouts. I pretty much try to translate everything I see into pavé layouts or engraving patterns. Some of my favorite words are, “I should engrave that!”

Out of everything you have worked on, do you have a favorite project? What is your most memorable project? Why are these your favorite/most memorable? That’s a tough question. I’ve had the privilege to work on some incredible and interesting pieces. I have worked on an Olympic medal, a sapphire intaglio ring that dated back to ancient times, and some incredibly fine colored stones. A piece I’ve personally made that is memorable was last year when I got to hand-fabricate a cathedral-style ring for a two-carat oval diamond. I did everything, from milling the metal, drawing wire for the prongs, all the way to the stone layout, all done by hand. This was the first high-end fabrication job I created after we started GL, and one of the first pieces that I got to employ my optical diamond setting skills that I had just learned from Alexandre. Because of that, it will always be memorable.




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