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With the YMCA, I’ve found volunteer work that I’m passionate about, though several years ago, I was still discovering how to give with intention. In the past, I sought out volunteer opportunities with a number of different local organizations. It felt good to help out on such a broad scale, but I also felt like something was missing. After attempting this strategy for a couple years, I realized I didn’t want to just make an impact; I wanted to make a meaningful impact. To do that, I needed to focus on one volunteer role instead of spreading myself too thin over several organizations. Otherwise, I would never find the deep connection I was seeking. I wanted to be more intentional about my service. One of the places where I was volunteering was the YMCA, and I was really interested in their work. They’re more than just a gym; they’re also a leading organization in the human services field. I love their mission to engage people in healthy living, instill a commitment to social responsibility, and promote youth development. Child care, after-school programs, summer camps, and nutrition programs are just a few of the services they provide. The YMCA is one of the oldest nonprofits in the U.S., and they do so much for their community. I knew I wanted to be a bigger part of that. It was clear that the YMCA was the right fit for me, so I started volunteering for more events and looking for ways I could be of more service. About 3 1/2 years ago, I became a board member, and from there, I got more involved in committee work; I eventually joined the executive committee, helping to chair the annual campaign and attending conferences. Lo and behold, after I’d stepped into my leadership role, I woke up one day and realized I was passionate about my volunteer work! It didn’t happen overnight, but by giving with intention, I found more meaning in giving back. I can’t help but gush about this organization — it’s become so dear to my heart. I hope you find a way to give back that resonates with you just as deeply. It’s a very rewarding experience. If you’re thinking about ways to get involved, a local organization or program that you’re interested in is a great place to start. You never know — you may just discover your passion. –Polly Tatum

In April, I spent a week in New Orleans. I know what you’re thinking — it’s such a fun city to play in! But I wasn’t there to stroll down Bourbon Street. First of all, I was in the middle of my wellness challenge, so I was saving the beignets and frozen daiquiris for a summer vacation. The real focus of this trip was the North American YMCA Development Organization (NAYDO) conference, which I attended in my role as vice chair of the Central Massachusetts YMCA board. At its heart, this trip was about philanthropy and the culture of giving. YMCA folks are an inspiring and motivating bunch, and it was a wonderful experience to work with them. The enthusiasm was infectious! THE CULTURE OF GIVING Give With Intention

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