Board Converting News, March 29, 2021

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of having a sheet plant located conveniently next to a CSC corrugator operation is one Rusken has incorporated in its Cullman, Alabama, and Harrisburg, Arkansas, locations.) Having all operations under one roof would improve effi- ciencies and reduce transportation costs: instead of mov- ing sheets across town, they would be moved across a facility. “The real challenge was running two plants simultane- ously (E. Smith Box and Mullen) while moving several piec- es of equipment from those locations to the new facility (Rusken Conyers) and not ‘dropping the ball’ while several were in the air at the same time,” said Bailey, who began his work by getting bids from electrical contractors who would install a 2500-amp service to power several piec- es of converting equipment. Between summer storms and outages, Georgia Power, the Atlanta based utility compa-

A Bobst FFG 8.20 Discovery Flexo Folder Gluer was the first new piece of machinery installed at Rusken Conyers.

ny, installed a powerful new transformer that would bring electrical service to the facility. Bailey then negotiated more bids and retained construction contractors who would build out office areas, plumbing contractors who would install new plumbing, and concrete contrac- tors, who would prepare the facility’s produc- tion floors for most of the machinery that would soon be moved there.

The first new piece of machinery pur- chased and installed at Rusken Conyers was a Bobst FFG 8.20 Discovery Flexo Folder Gluer. It was joined by the first machine moved from E. Smith Box, a Martin 1228 4-color Flexo Fold- Rusken’s Project Engineer, Cameron Bailey



March 29, 2021

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