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Local Business Highlight: Any Lab Test Now — Tulsa

As part of our new monthly section, we highlight and feature local small businesses that “get it.” They are maxing out on customer service, living with an abundance mindset, and crushing it by example. This month’s featured local small business is Any Lab Test Now, owned by our close friends, Thomas and Carrie Powers.

If you feel like you’ve hardly seen your kids since the school year started, you’re not alone. Americans are way too busy — from childhood onward, we’re always running hither and thither, packing in as many after-school activities, work-related meetings, and social engagements as possible. It’s a problem so pervasive that it has a name: time scarcity. Families feel time scarcity keenly after school starts in September, when children’s schedules explode with engagements. But all hope for close ties isn’t lost; there are ways to stay connected with your spouse and kids, even in an increasingly busy world. Here are some ideas from counselors, teachers, and psychologists who claim to have mastered the art. REMEMBER YOUR RITUALS Rituals make up the backbone of individual families and society at large. Most people wouldn’t dream of abandoning their holiday traditions, so why forgo the smaller rituals that bring families together? Whether it’s eating dinner at the same table each evening, watching a movie together every Thursday night, or going on a monthly getaway, make sure these traditions aren’t canceled. If your family doesn’t have many rituals, a great way to connect is to start some. MAKE EVERY MOMENT COUNT As cliche as it sounds, when you don’t have much time together, it’s crucial to be present for every minute of it. If you have a rare half hour at home with one of your kids, make a point to spend it in the same room and try to start a conversation. If you squeeze in a romantic dinner with your spouse, turn off your phones before the food comes. Listening to each other without distractions will strengthen your relationship. HUG IT OUT Physical contact is vital for closeness. When you get the chance, hug your kids, hold hands with your spouse, and do physical activities as a family, like hiking, biking, or even playing group sports. It’s been scientifically proven that physical closeness leads to emotional closeness, so if you’re low on time, take advantage of that shortcut! How to Keep Your Family Close in a Busy World STAYING CONNECTED

“We are Carrie and Thomas Powers, the proud owners and operators of this beneficial business concept. We are a direct access and collection facility located in the heart of Brookside on 38th and Peoria. We are unique because we provide people with the ability to run lab tests without having to get their physician’s orders. Because we do not accept insurance, it allows us to be very aggressive with our upfront pricing, so there are never hidden costs. “We have a retail focus, so customer service is our top priority. Because we are a privately owned and operated business, results are private but can be shared with your physician if requested. We work with physician offices for patients who have no insurance, have high deductible and copay insurance, or need to run lab tests that insurance will not cover. “In addition to over 8,000 lab tests, we do other great things like DNA/paternity testing, food sensitivity testing, hormone testing, drug screening, and much more. We work with many local schools and businesses to support employee drug testing, and we have the ability to do drug tests with urine, oral fluids, hair, or nails, depending on the specific needs.

“We invite you to please call or stop by and see why we have a five-star rating on Google!”

3807 S. Peoria Avenue Tulsa, Oklahoma 74105 918-600-2586

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