King's Business - 1912-11

VOL. Ill



l b t H i n g i s Justness


a n » ] HE doctrine of the second coming of Christ, ¡which moulded the entire thought of His early "followers, has been practically ignored by many j modern Christians. An indefinite idea has silent- ly grown up among them that the departed ser-

vants of Christ go at death to their full and final reward, and that the Gospel will make progress among men until by its instrumentality, the whole world and all human hearts are brought to bow in unreserved homage to Christ. Such a doctrine leaves no place for His bodily return to earth; for His dead servants have, according to this, already attained their full consummation, and the whole purpose of God, as to His Kingdom, will be accomplished in the ordi- nary course of the Gospel. They who hold this viewsay little or nothing about the coming of Christ. It lies out- side "of their spiritual horizon. That which to the early Church was so much is nothing to them. The only safe remedy is to reinstate, by careful exegesis, the actual teach- ing of the New Testament. The time of Christ's return must be one of spiritual stagnation and retrogression." —By the Eminent Exegete, Agur Beet, Eng. M. E. Church.

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