King's Business - 1912-11

These are the Books

that you should read yourself and ha ve to u s e when dealing with others

THE PROPHET DANIEL, by A. C. Gaebelein • 50c Acknowledged one of the very best commentaries on this book. THE CRISIS OF THE DEEPER LIFE. 25c A new book on sanctiflcation. THE DIVINE UNITY OF THE SCRIPTURE, by Adolph Saphir. . 15c Proves the organic connection of all the books of the Bible. ANTICHRIST: Who is he? What will he do? And who are his agents and forerunners? 1 5c THE EPISTLES OF THE ADVENT, by A. B. Simpson.. . 25c of particular interest to those who believe in the premillennial doctrine. „ THE WORLD AND ITS GOD, by Philip Mauro 25c A view of this present evil world by one who has seen both SATAN AND THE SAINTS, by Dr. James M. Gray 15c A fine book against Millennial Dawnism, Christian Science, etc. SATAN, by Lewis Sperry Chafer 15c A full sized Biblical portrait of the arch enemy of God and Man. NOT I BUT CHRIST 25c The secret of the life hid with Christ in God. MAN'S DAY, by Philip Mauro $1.00 Covers a wide field of dispensational truth and shows the "prince of this world" in full possession. OUT OF THE DEPTHS 23c Will open the eyes of every reader to the reality of the Spiritual forces for good and evil. PRAYER, a mighty force in the work of soul saving. 15c LESSONS OF THE AGES for this age, by Rev; W. A. Mason 15c WALKING IN THE SPIRIT, by Rev. A. B. Simpson 25c It unfolds the practical side of a life of fellowship with Christ. THE GOSPEL OF JONAH, by Rev. W. B. Ri&y 25c Here is just the help you have been looking for, it will give you a splendid insight into this little understood book. THE GREATEST THEME IN THE WORLD, by Rev F. E. Marsh 75c Treating of the atonement of Christ in its relation to the Church and the individual. THE GOSPEL OF JOHN, by Rev. A. B. Simpson. $1.00 Deals particularly with the unfolding of the spiritual life of John. THE WONDERS OF PROPHECY, by Rev. John'Urquhart 15c Deals with the fulfillment of prophecy as a test of the authen- ticity of the scripture. Add r e ss a l l orde rs to The Bible Inst i tute

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