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Celebrating Our Wedding Anniversary While Exploring the Gorgeous East Coast 38 YEARS OF BLISS

The first words my wife Becky ever said to me were “Cathy Carson.”

grandparents to an adorable grandson. There have been many ups and downs throughout our years as a couple, but overall, it’s been an amazing life.

Romantic, right? Actually, it’s a pretty cool story.

Becky and I met at a pub across the street from Ursinus College, where we both went to school. It was homecoming weekend, and we were celebrating like most college kids do: with a few beers! I was pouring everyone a glass of beer when Becky looked right at me and said, “Cathy Carson.” Stunned, I looked back at her before summoning the courage to have a conversation. Cathy was a classmate and a good friend of mine from high school, and Becky knew her from work. Having made the connection in her mind when she saw me at the pub, Cathy’s name happened to be the first words she said. We chatted all night, and sometime in the following weeks, we made our relationship official. I chose the day I would ask Becky to marry me on a wing and a prayer. (Literally — I prayed to God that night, looking for some guidance.) I had known for quite some time that I was going to ask her, but it wasn’t until that evening that I knew when I should ask her. We had gone to a wedding, and Becky began to make plans to move in with a girlfriend of hers. They were already gearing up to sign a lease! Since I planned to ask her to marry me, I really didn’t want her to go through the trouble of moving in with her friend. So, I had to act fast. I asked Becky to drive around with me that night with her eyes closed. As I drove, I prayed, asking God if this was right. Finally, I stumbled upon a beautiful park with a gazebo and a lake, and in that gazebo, I said, “Becky, will you marry me?”

Each year, we use our anniversary as an opportunity for a little getaway. Rarely do we

go too far, but living on the East Coast makes it easy to find nearby destinations

we enjoy. As you know, the fall colors in this region are just phenomenal, especially if you visit New York or make your way over to Vermont. Personally, we enjoy visiting wineries in the fall. Since it’s harvest season, everything is crisp and ripe. A few trips stand out more than others. We have ventured to Newport, Rhode Island, a couple times. If you’ve never been to Rhode Island, you have to go. It’s a gorgeous state right along the coast, and huge mansions dot Newport’s landscape. It’s a cute, romantic little town. We also enjoyed our idyllic trip to Cape May, New Jersey, where we went on bike rides and viewed massive Victorian homes. Trust me, there’s nothing quite as perfect as the eastern coast of the U.S. during autumn. Sure, its beaches may fill up during the summer, and family vacations are easier when planned during school breaks. But nothing beats enjoying your favorite glass of wine among the fall colors. The fact that I’ve been able to share this experience with my partner, best friend, and confidante for the past 40 years makes it even better. —Brian Irving

And she said …“What!?”Thankfully, her reaction was a moment of disbelief, not utter horror, and we married on Oct. 10, 1981.

This year, we will celebrate a blissful 38 years of marriage, and I can honestly say it’s been a beautiful ride. We have two great kids together, and we are


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