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Summer, 2018

“Allow Vacationing To Be A Smooth Experience!” 5 WAYS TO PREPARE CHILDREN FOR SUMMER VACATION

As excited as most kids are about summer break, it can actually be a difficult time of year for adolescents and teens (let alone their parents). One plausible explanation? Summer generally comes with a precipitous change (or drop) in routine. Kids sleep in longer and stay up later, they have more free time on their hands, and there’s an apparent emphasis (or at least an attitude) on “play” instead of disciplined, procedure- oriented “learning.” While these changes aren’t bad per se, they can make the transition from school mornings to summer mornings a bit stressful. And since both research and real-world experience show routines help children build healthy social and emotional well-being and foster a developmentally appropriate sense of security and self- control, it’s no wonder drastic schedule changes can be so trying. But does this mean we have to “busy” our children to the brim during their three months off? Likely no, but striking the right balance can be tricky. To help your children (and your family unit as a whole) physically and emotionally adjust to the changing pace and daily to-do’s of summer vacation, consider the following suggestions.

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