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v o l u m e 3 1 | n u m b e r 2 Extraordinarily Beautiful Antique Carpets for Today's Homes “One of the World’s Best Sources of Antique Rugs” f inanc i al t imes

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"Some of the most coveted masterpieces now are the ones on the floor. These days, top antique rugs are sold more like works of art than pieces of décor." — The Wall Street Journal

right, Persian Tabriz “Garden of Paradise Carpet” | 6' 6" x 10' 4" circa 1875, High-Collectible Entirely singular, elegant and supremely crafted, this nearly 150-year-old Tabriz in superb condition would offer a standout, one-of-a-kind contribution for a memorable space.

"Jan David Winitz understands the intrinsic value of fine antique Persian rugs, and he's tracked the market's evolution since he founded his company in 1980. Antique Oriental rugs have emerged as high-end collectibles, and their values have nowhere to go but up." — Robb Report 1.

We offer a far-ranging collection of art-caliber antique rugs for a worldwide clientele.

With its glowing parchment field, this smaller Persian city rug captures a gracefulness and refinement that is timeless. Persian Laver Kirman, above 4' 6" x 5' 4 " | 3rd quarter, 19th century Connoisseur-Caliber This spaciously patterned, folkloric rug ably represents the level of creativity and expressiveness that our clients overwhelmingly prefer. Kurdish Bijar “Tree of Life”, at right 3' 9" x 5' 7" | 3rd quarter, 19th century Connoisseur-Caliber Persian Bakshaish Camelhair Carpet, opposite page 9' 4" x 11' 6" | 3rd quarter, 19th century High-Collectible Presenting a sumptuous camelhair field and abstracted “Dragon & Phoenix” pattern, this ingenious carpet incorporates many magical elements that exemplify the artistic achievement of our elite collection.




The Oriental Rug

Market Pyramid ™

Museum-Quality | 13th to 18th centuries and early 19th century High-Collectible | Primarily early 19th century to 1875

Connoisseur-Caliber | Primarily circa 1850 to late 19th century High-Decorative | Primarily circa 1875 to 1910

Decorative | Primarily circa 1920 to 1970 Reproductions | Typically 1970 to present

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examples in quite good condition can only be found through a handful of specialty dealers and the finest offerings of major auction houses. Level 4 | High-Decorative Primarily 1875 to 1910 — To meet growing international demand, the number of working looms greatly increased. With aesthetic appeal and originality still playing a large role, weavers created less complex designs using palettes adapted to Western tastes. Synonymous with sophistica- tion and grace, and capable of working harmoniously with a broad range of furniture and art styles, the finest of this level are widely sought after today. Level 5 | Decorative Primarily 1920 to 1970 — When the decorative rug market ex- ploded, most of the resultant weavings fell into this category. The level of materials, craftsmanship and innovative artistry decreased notably, with modern chemical dyes usually sup- planting more subtle natural pigments. Level 6 | Reproductions Typically 1970 to present — By far the most widely available hand-woven Oriental rugs today and the newest contribu- tions to the hand-woven market, these offer adaptations of traditional Persian designs in a broad range of qualities. These mass-produced rugs may be labeled with famous Persian regional names, yet are typically woven in India, China, Pakistan, Egypt and Romania. The best Oriental rugs in Levels 1-3 are valuable artworks and precious tangible assets, while Level 4 rugs are quintes- sential floor coverings for sophisticated homes. Rugs in Levels 5 and 6 are durable, handsome handmade rugs with no intrinsic art value.

By Jan David Winitz, President and Founder, Claremont Rug Company

For nearly four decades, I have worked closely with collectors and connoisseurs, many of whom were not initially versed in antique rugs, although they often collected other forms of art and antiques. Through this, I have developed a propri- etary Oriental Rug Market Pyramid ™ as an illustrative tool to evaluate handwoven Oriental rugs. As the tiers descend, the number of available pieces increases. Level 1 | Museum-Quality Primarily 13th to 18th centuries and usually held by museums— In 2013, a stunning 17th century Persian Kirman rug sold at Sotheby’s auction for $33.8 million. Level 2 | High-Collectible Primarily from early 19th century to circa 1875 — Of tremen- dous interest to serious collectors, these rarely found, best- of-the-best caliber 19th century rugs exhibit fluid, subtly varied designs, a highly nuanced use of rarely found, exotic colors and superb aesthetic balance. The finest rugs from “The Second Golden Age” were woven primarily in Persia and the Caucasus Mountains. The main weaving styles include Mothasham Kashan, Hadji Jallili Tabriz, Bakshaish, and from tribal groups including Caucasian Kazaks, Shirvans and Kubas, and South Persian Qashqais. While historical rugs from Level 1 are typically too fragile, many High-Collectible pieces are sufficiently durable for floor use. Level 3 | Connoisseur-Caliber Primarily from circa 1850 to late 19th century — This category encompasses standout rugs from all of the major Persian and tribal groups, created by highly talented weavers using excel- lent quality materials to animate their original, captivating designs and color combinations. In today’s market, excellent

This is a superb, classical example of the penultimate floral rug style of the 19th century. At over one-and-a-half-centuries-old, this Mohtasham Kashan in the versatile 7' x 9 ' size boasts unfathomable craftsmanship and sublime, delicate drawing of its motifs. Persian Mohtasham Kashan | 7' 2" x 9' 8" | 3rd quarter, 19th century, Connoisseur-Caliber

Read the entire article published in the Chubb Collector's Newsletter on


4. 5. .c o


. Persian Serab Camelhair | 7' 9" x 13' 10" 3rd quarter, 19th century, Connoisseur-Caliber

Offering ideal dimensions for either a distinctive, elongated space or wide corridor, this eminent undyed camelhair carpet with its striking multi-medallion pattern combines high art with virtuoso home decoration.

Persian Bakshaish | 11' 5" x 17' 6" | circa 1875, Connoisseur-Caliber Few objects so eloquently express the perfect marriage of sophistication and warmth as an art-level Oriental rug, illustrated by this perfectly presented oversize that conveys a profound harmony between its captivating design and exotic colors.

“A specific rug can change a room, just as a specific piece of art can change a room. The intrinsic value of living with them is just incredible.” — A Claremont client interviewed in a Robb Report feature article about us.

6. 7.

A fitting example of our wide collection of antique Serapi carpets, this large room-size piece conveys a graciousness and warmth that would profoundly impact the ambiance of either a contemporary or traditional space. Persian Serapi | 10' 3" x 14' 5" | 3rd quarter, 19th century, Connoisseur-Caliber

We have four decades of experience working with clients to identify “drop-dead beautiful” rugs, such as this oversize, lapis blue carpet, to create environments that express both a highly personal aesthetic and an expertly curated décor. Persian Ziegler Sultanabad | 13'x 17' 7" | 3rd quarter, 19th century, High-Collectible


8. 9.

Discerning clients discover the incomparable artistry and magnetic decorative impact of the best Bakshaish rugs, exemplified by this ground-breaking piece's subtle nuancing of its folkloric design and eccentric color shading. Persian Bakshaish | 9' 7" x 11' | 3rd quarter, 19th century, High-Collectible

Persian Halvai Bijar | 9' 8" x 12' 10" | circa 1850, High-Collectible This majestic piece with its celestial blue reserve, mesmerizing clarity of design, shimmering patina and stellar condition stands abreast our renowned collection of High-Collectible room-size carpets.


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Jan David Winitz and his expert staff avail you of their great expertise, which along with our website’s umpteen articles and videos, ensure your purchase is an educated, highly enjoyable one.

Offering a compelling simplicity of pattern and a rare turquoise field is this singular member of the high mountain Kazaks, esteemed for their evocative age-old symbols. Caucasian Fachralo Kazak “Double-Niche Rug”, at right 4' 11" x 6' 3" | 3rd quarter, 19th century Connoisseur-Caliber Bakshaish weavers rarely created area-size rugs, attributing a special value to highly original pieces in exemplary condition such as this. Persian Bakshaish Camelhair, above 3 ' 5" x 5' 9" | circa 1875 Connoisseur-Caliber

Persian Serapi | 9' 7" x 12' 2" | 3rd quarter, 19th century, High-Collectible

On the geometric end of the Serapi carpet spectrum, a style that also produced surprisingly refined pieces such as the one on page 8, this inventively patterned carpet offers an inimitable joie de vivre . 13.



We maintain a bountiful selection of breathtaking carpets in sizes 11’ x 15’ to 17’ x 30’ for our clients’ grand spaces.

This majestic carpet illustrates our commitment to offering the sublime rather than the mundane — even in the most difficult to find, very large sizes. We are proud to offer this remarkable palace-size piece with its modern geometric ambiance, unique neutral, natural tonalities and heavy pile. Persian Serab Camelhair, at right 12' 6" x 20' 10" | 3rd quarter, 19th century Connoisseur-Caliber




Persian Dabir Kashan , at left 8' 10" x 11' 8" | circa 1910 High-Decorative Our early 20th century rugs, exemplified by this singular floral carpet, offer quintessential decorative impact coupled with tremendous durability.

Our distinctive High-Decorative antique rugs perfectly create memorable spaces that express our clients’ personal taste.

Persian Sultanabad , at right | 9' 2" x 11' 1 1"

Persian Serapi Heriz, at left | 10' 3" x 12' 4"

late 19th century High-Decorative

late 19th century High-Decorative

Our High-Decorative collection (see Rug Market Pyramid, page 4) offers a wide array of carpets to satisfy our clientele’s many interior design styles, such as this spirited piece with its large-scale allover pattern.

Our clients appreciate our rugs’ harmonious palettes of mature, vegetable dyed hues, such as the cinnabar and robin’s egg blue in this superb, full-pile town carpet.


16. 17.

This tour de force rug presents the unique portrait of an elaborate vase levitating at the center of the arboreal scene, replete with four birds of paradise. Persian Isfahan “Vase Rug”, at left 4' 9" x 6' 10" | circa 1875 Connoisseur-Caliber From our collection of softer-hued, profusely detailed Laver Kirman carpets, this oversize offers a magical splendor—appropriate for a memorable modern, transitional or traditional decor. Persian Laver Kirman, opposite page 10' 6" x 15' 1" | late 19th century Connoisseur-Caliber

Persian Ferahan, at right 4' 5" x 6' 1" | circa 1875 Connoisseur-Caliber

Vibrantly representing our vast array of area-size rugs is this luxuriously piled piece that gracefully juxtaposes a pair of fluted medallions with an unfathomably detailed field.


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h i g h - c o l l e c t i b l e r u g s |

Stunning historical artworks that are acknowledged members of the precious tangible asset class. High-Collectible Rugs for Elite Home Decoration and Collection The profound appeal of High-Collectible 19th century rugs, such as those on these five pages, lies in their astonishing presence, virtuoso craftsmanship and air of mystery—elements that progressively reveal themselves the longer one lives with them.

At the epitome of the deeply cherished Mohtasham Kashan style is this incredibly luminous lamb’s wool carpet that boasts inconceivably fine knotting, countless subtle gradations of color and extraordinarily meticulous detailing in its lush botanical design. Persian Mohtasham Kashan “Vase Rug” | 4' 6" x 6' 6" | 3rd quarter, 19th century, High-Collectible

mentally patterned tribal rug dazzles throug An early example of the rare Alpan Kuba sub-group, this ele h its daring use of color and sculpted design. Caucasian Alpan Kuba | 3' 5" x 4' 6" | 3rd quarter, 19th century, High-Collectible 21.



| h i g h - c o l l e c t i b l e r u g s

l e c t i b l e r u g s |

This is among the earliest, most masterful rugs of this largely unseen Caucasian sub- style that we have experienced, offering a fluidity of expression and a maverick border treatment that indicate an early provenance. Caucasian “Bird” Shirvan, at right 3' 8" x 5' | circa 1850 High-Collectible

A supremely accomplished, profoundly improvisational nomadic rug, this 180-year- old piece offers a window into a weaving milieu at least a half-century before the first hints of commercialism. Persian Northwest Azerbaijan, at left | 4' 8" x 5' 5" 2nd quarter, 19th century High-Collectible

This virtuoso, large room-size demonstrates this prized style’s artistry at its most visionary. Its majestic, floating medallion and deconstructed flowerheads reflect the singular Bakshaish penchant for playful asymmetry and idiosyncratic expression. Persian Bakshaish | 10' 5" x 13' 9" | 3rd quarter, 19th century, High-Collectible




| h i g h - c o l l e c t i b l e r u g s

Many clients use our rugs not only throughout their primary residences, but also to enrich their seasonal homes.

At the epitome of the treasured Ferahan Sarouk tradition is this masterwork carpet adorned with a continually reinvented, pinpoint blossom pattern that hosts a gently integrated central medallion. Its exceedingly fine weave and wide palette of shimmering hues are surpassed only by its border’s unprecedented, free-flowing aesthetic. Persian Ferahan Sarouk | 8' 11" x 12' | circa 1850, High-Collectible


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Our perennially popular Serapi collection includes pieces over one and a half centuries old, displaying a unique presence created by their elementally drawn, botanically inspired motifs, spacious formats and delicate, aged tones. Persian Serapi | 9' x 11' 11" | circa 1850, Connoisseur-Caliber

This luxurious, beguiling carpet possesses the endless nuances of color, exquisite detail work and glistening wool that makes the best antique Ziegler Sultanabad carpets so widely sought after. Persian Ziegler Sultanabad | 9' 4" x 11' 11" | late 19th century, High-Decorative


1.800.441.1332 27.

Jan David and Christine Hunt Winitz with longtime Senior Sales Associate, Nancy Brinkley

Jan David Winitz , President and Founder “Born into a New York family of scientists and art collectors, Winitz inherited a collection of great rugs and a love of art” ( Financial Times ). Shortly after receiving an MA in Education fromUC Berkeley, he opened Claremont Rug Company with his wife, Christine, in 1980. He has built a global reputation among collectors and connoisseurs, and maintains a private clientele on five continents, assisting them to assemble whole home rug displays and to build collections of rare carpets. He is the author of The Guide to Purchasing an Oriental Rug . He is acknowledged as a major contributor to elevating the status of 19th century Oriental rugs from a decorative craft to artworks recognized for their masterful color and design, cultural significance, and importance as an influencer of other art forms.

Caucasian Baku Camelhair | 4' 2" x 4' 1 1" | 3rd quarter, 19th century, Connoisseur-Caliber Connoisseurs worldwide seek out our unparalleled collection of deeply inspired antique Caucasian rugs.



• EXPERTISE President Jan David Winitz and our highly experienced rug consultants offer invaluable guidance on purchasing, decorating and collecting. • APPROVAL SHIPPING Long-distance clients appreciate our ultra-convenient, cost-effective Shipping on Approval Service, including arranging for installation by a local logistics firm. • LONG-TERM EXCHANGE POLICY Our written guarantee is invaluable to clients who move to new residences or wish to explore new rug or decorating styles. • ONGOING RUG CARE We recognize the great privilege of serving our clients. For years to come, we will gladly offer advice and assistance in maintaining and displaying your rugs. Ongoing services include expert cleaning, restoration, padding and storage.

Clients with larger projects love our service of doing in- home presentations virtually anywhere in the U.S. We do a preliminary consultation, review images of the home and propose a series of appropriate carpets. We can even photo- shop rugs into the rooms before visiting the home and presenting rugs of interest.

This stately, awesomely evocative display of classical symmetry and incalculable detail work is the creation of the workshop of the renowned carpet designer Hadji Jallili. Persian Hadji Jallili Tabriz | 9' 3" x 12' 6" | circa 1875, Connoisseur-Caliber


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Persian Ferahan Sarouk 6' 8" x 9' 11", 3rd quarter, 19th century Connoisseur-Collectible

Our clients rely on our ability to identify exemplary carpets for their decorating and collecting interests.

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