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As the owner of a business, I’m an endlessly busy man. When you’re the head of an operation, there’s always more work to be done, always a fresh avenue to explore and get lost in, not to mention the constant barrage of time-sensitive business coming in. This is far from a complaint; I love what I do and relish any opportunity to drive the business to greater success. One of the first things people notice about me is my boundless energy and enthusiasm. My family and friends, obviously, notice this, so I get a lot of questions like, “Chris, how do you do it? How do you manage to find a balance between all this work and the rest of your life?” “Work-life balance” is a hot topic among entrepreneurs. Just search it on Amazon and you’ll come up with over 7,000 products, each of them promising to teach you to master the boundaries between your career and your home and reach the pinnacle of your personal and professional potential. Some of these books are, I’m sure, great, but I think the vast majority of them have it all wrong — at least when it comes to my own life. I feel that “balance” is a wrongheaded term. Basically, if you’re “balancing” your life between your career and your loved ones, then you’re parcelling out 50 percent to your job and 50 percent to your family. Each are only receiving half of your attention, which, in reality, is divided up even further when you factor in hobbies, spending time with friends, and taking time for yourself. That’s why I prefer the term “harmony” to describe the way I manage my busy schedule. I strive to ensure that everyone and everything important to me gets the entirety of my focus and energy, never giving anything the short end of the stick. When I used to work for someone else, I’d finish up my work for the week and check out on Friday. But since founding my own operation, with my personal stamp on it, there isn’t exactly a boundary between my personal and professional life. Am I occasionally working from home the instant I spring out of bed? Sure. Do I sometimes have to leave work at 2 o’clock to I strive to ensure that everyone and everything important to me gets the entirety of my focus and energy, never giving anything the short end of the stick. “ Reflecting On Work-Life Harmony This Thanksgiving CULTIVATING AN ABUNDANT LIFE make it to a kid’s sports game? Absolutely. I’m not Batman; I’m not interested in keeping two strict separate personas — “Dad” and “Business Chris.” I’m simultaneously always on when it comes to my business, and available for whatever my wife and kids need. I’ve been thinking about this a lot this month, with Thanksgiving right around the corner and with this book I recently finished reading, “The Pledge” by Michael Masterson. Masterson encourages us to carefully consider the aspects of our lives that truly matter to us, cutting out the parts and the people that slow us down to allow us to live a more fulfilling, present life. This Thanksgiving, in the midst of my wife, kids, mother, and 20–30 of our relatives, I’ll be reflecting on how lucky I truly am to be able to have such abundance in my life. I’ve got a beautiful wife, three healthy, happy kids who I can make time for whenever I need, a business that I love, and an awesome set of clients I have the privilege to serve. There is just so much to be thankful for. –Chris Earley | 610.717.3082 | Page 1

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