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GIVE THE GIFT OF LIFE FEB. 14 IS NATIONAL DONOR DAY With all the cards, chocolates, and expensive dinners, it’s easy to get cynical about Valentine’s Day. However, National Donor Day also falls on Feb. 14, and it can refocus our attention back on the real meaning of the day: love. In the U.S., 20 people die each day while waiting for an organ transplant. Losing loved ones is one of the most painful aspects of the human experience, and while it is unavoidable, organ donation offers a pathway to help prevent that loss and keep more love in the world. In the spirit of that love, here are a few ways you can get involved with National Donor Day this Feb. 14. Register as an organ donor. Signing yourself up is easy and can be done either online or in person at your local Department of Motor Vehicles. You’ll need official identification to register. Registration is not permanent and you will always have the option to change your mind. Once registered, you will not need to carry your donor card with you, as your status exists in the registry. Join a Donor Dash. Donor Dash fundraising events pop up all over the country on National Donor Day. These noncompetitive 5K running and

1982. He was voted by his peers as the Players Choice Awards NL Outstanding Pitcher and was the first Phillie since 1987 to receive the National League Cy Young Award. In 2011, his ERA improved to 2.35, but they only won 19 games to 6. From 2012–2013, Hallaway began to experience more injuries due to being in baseball for over a decade. He finally retired amidst the 2013 season, citing his back injuries and desire to spend more time with family. Legacy After Retirement After he retired, Hallaway continued involvement with the MLB as a guest instructor for the Phillies and Blue Jays. His expertise in sports psychology prompted the Phillies to hire Halladay as a “mental skills coach” in March 2017. For the better part of the past decade, Halladay had been influencing aspiring and current professionals in Philadelphia and in American baseball at large. In late 2017, after his death, the Phillies suspended uniform number 34 to honor Halladay. The Blue Jays followed with retiring his old jersey number, 32. In 2019, he was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum. walking events are designed to bring donors and recipients together and keep hope alive for those who are currently waiting for a donation. To learn more, or to register for an event, check out Participate in #StartTheConversation. Donor Alliance, a nonprofit that works to promote organ donation, began the #StartTheConversation campaign as a way to help spread awareness about organ and tissue donation. Starting the conversation can be as simple as sharing that you registered with your friends and family or as personal as sharing a story about how organ donation has touched your life or the lives of your loved ones. Don’t let another Valentine’s Day come and go in a tide of cellophane, candy hearts, and cheesy cards. This year, get involved in National Donor Day. After all, what better way is there to express the value of love than to give the gift of life?



After Roy Halladay’s plane crash was announced in November 2017, Dodgers righty Brandon McCarthy tweeted, “Roy Halladay was your favorite player’s favorite player.” There’s no doubt among MLB’s leading professionals that Roy Halladay deserved a World Series win. MLB journalists describe him as the best pitcher of his generation.

Draft Into the Philadelphia Phillies (2010-2013) Halladay had been on the Toronto Blue Jays for 11 years before joining the Phillies. Although he received recognition for his incredible pitching throughout his career, he was ready to win a World Cup. While they didn’t win the World Series, the MLB 2010 season turned out to be the best in his career. Making history, on Sept. 21, 2010, Halladay was the first pitcher in major league history to throw a perfect game and another no- hitter in the same calendar year. He had a 2.44 ERA and became the first Phillies pitcher to win over 20 games in a season since

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