Recruit and Retain the Best Caregivers

7 Tools to Recruit & Retain Quality Caregivers

“Give your caregivers the right tools to do their job and job satisfaction will skyrocket. That’s the key to recruiting and retaining the best caregivers.” - Lisa Ferden, VP of Generations

As baby boomers age, the demand for caregivers will grow 34% by 2024, according to the The Bureau of Labor Statistics. How can homecare providers keep up with this demand? Recruiting and retaining the best caregivers with the right technology is more important than ever. Generations helps agencies easily manage their clients and caregivers with premier software and mobile apps, Nearly 1,000 homecare agencies nationwide already rely on Generations to run their companies. Tens of thousands of outstanding caregivers use the Generations mobile app every day to help provide the best care possible.

Here are the top 7 tools Generations offers to help recruit and retain the best caregivers.

1. Online job applications: Hiring outstanding employees is key. Let Generations streamline the hiring process by importing caregiver applications into the system. Post a link to the online job application on your website or online job forums and you’ll receive notification the moment someone applies.

2. Build your pipeline: Search from your pool of stored caregiver applicants to serve new clients. Generations lets you match skills with client needs and find the nearest available caregiver.

3. Communication: Generations’ mobile app is a fast, secure way to communicate with your team. Easily inform caregivers about upcoming client appointments or changes in client conditions. Quickly alert caregivers about new opportunities near their home via in-app notifications.

4. Organized Schedule: With daily schedule reminders, tardiness alerts, and integration with Google Maps ™ for accurate routing between assignments, it’s easy to make sure everyone arrives on time.

5. Care plans: Securely share customized client care plans using the Generations app so caregivers know their task assignments at every visit.

6. Minimize paperwork: Eliminate the need for paper timesheets by having caregivers check into and out from each visit using the mobile app or with a simple, automated telephone call.

7. Easy documentation: Reduce the risk of privacy breaches by requiring caregivers to document their visit notes using the Generations app.

Top companies know they’re only as good as their people. Caregivers who are on time, responsible, skilled, honest and truly caring are any agency’s best asset. Let us show you how to recruit and retain the best caregivers using Generations. Contact us to schedule a demonstration.

Generations Homecare System is an industry-leading, cloud-based software application used by homecare agencies to manage all aspects of their business. For more information, visit: | 989-546-4512

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