King's Business - 1931-05

Stationers Corporation A N N O U N C E

th e acqu isition o f B io la Press

It is with pleasure that we announce the acquisition of the Biola Press, which will now be known as the Printing Depart' ment of Stationers Corporation. The plant will be thoroughly modernized by the addition of new type and equipment, with a new Steel Die and Plate Engraving Department, making it one of the most complete and efficient printing plants on the Coast. In soliciting a continuation of your patronage, Stationers Corporation assures you that it will never deviate from those policies which have made Biola Press famed for courtesy, service and quality. f ï ï Stationers Corporation will also be pleased to serve □J your requirements for stationery, office furniture, office supplies, school supplies, fine leather goods, de.-k sets, fountain pens and the thousand and one other items of the modern stationery store. A request for quotations involves no obligations. STATIONERS CORPORATION 525 Sou th Spring Street, Los Angeles MUtual 2341 HOLLYWOOD 6365 Hollywood Boulevard SAN DIEGO 1040 Sixth Street

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