EVO ALCHEMY Our exclusive online member only benefit

EVO ALCHEMY has 3 key elements all of which are independent events:

Mastermind Hour Monthly on a Thursday 12.30 – 13.30

Professional Development Monthly on a Monday 12.30 -13.30

Podcast Collection 2022 Presenters & EVO Leadership interviewed


Mastermind Hour on a Thursday (12.30 – 13.30)

Dates for 2022

January 6 th February 3 rd



March 3 rd April 14 th



Rest of 2022 dates to save are: May 12 th , June 9 th , July 7 th , August 4 th September 15 th , October 13 th , November 10 th , December 8 th


Mastermind Hour on a Thursday (12.30 – 13.30)

Dates for 2022

May 12 th June 9 th July 7 th August 4 th





Rest of 2022 dates to save are: September 15 th , October 13 th , November 10 th , December 8 th


Mastermind Hour on a Thursday (12.30 – 13.30)

Dates for 2022

September 15 th October 13 th November 10 th December 8 th






What’s the Mastermind Hour’s purpose?

What’s different from the masterminds that take place in the EVO groups? • An introduction free zone • The question is revealed when the Mastermind Hour begins • 50 participants max. • Feedback of key points or aha! moments or themes after each ‘round’ • For the second ‘round’ there is always a twist to the original question • Not just a nice chat but a chance to create & declare an action by when • AND the ‘twice a year’ ALCHEMY in March & September • 2 opportunities to discuss the question • The 2 opportunities are in different groups

The perfect opportunity to develop lasting personal connections as you build that know, like & trust element which is key. And the ‘twice a year’ ALCHEMY is where you get to work with the Board you’d love to afford


Professional Development on a Monday (12.30 – 13.30)

Dates for 2022

January 31 st February 14 th March 14 th April 25 th





Rest of 2022 dates to save are: May 23 rd , June 6 th , June 20 th , July 18 th NB: no event in December September 12 th , September 26 th , October 24 th , November 21 st NB: no event in December


Professional Development on a Monday (12.30 – 13.30)

Dates for 2022

May 23 rd June 6 th June 20 th July 18 th





Rest of 2022 dates to save are: September 26 th , October 24 th , November 21 st NB: no event in December


Professional Development on a Monday (12.30 – 13.30)

Dates for 2022

September 12 th September 26 th October 24 th November 21 st





NB: no event in December


What’s the purpose of the Professional Development programme?

To make available exclusively for EVO members world class speakers, presenters, thought disruptors who will share ‘at the cutting edge’ information in a practical, interactive way.

When booking opens sign up immediately as only 50 places available for each event.


EVO ALCHEMY Podcast Collection

The brilliant partnership of EVO ALCHEMY Steering Group members, Chris Symons & Andrea Sexton with their insightful, provocative, intriguing questions will certainly deep dive to reveal interesting perspectives. The EVO ALCHEMY Podcast series will give you rich insights into the Professional Development contributors and the EVO Leadership teams thinking and passions. Giving you a chance to see what makes EVO unique and valuable, whilst also being an entertaining way to spend your coffee break. A great resource to refer to.


Monday 31st January It’s a fact! Clarify your message so more people buy from you Danny Matthews, Danny&Co Leader of EVO DELTA & part of EVO ALCHEMY Steering Group

It’s a fact. Even if you have the best product in the marketplace, you will lose to a competitor’s inferior product if they communicate more clearly. The pandemic has forced our clients and customers into telling themselves a new story about what, how and why they buy products or services. If your story doesn’t align with their new outlook, they will buy from someone else. It’s a fact. In this Alchemy session you will learn: 1. a proven formula to create your new brand story 2. the only 7 messages you need to grow revenue in your business.

Danny Matthews

An award-winning designer who has been called a ‘Creative Genius’ because of his ability to solve real business problems with creative design and branding. He is one of Gloucestershire Live’s 30Under30 and Business Insider’s 42Under42. Danny has also been featured in the Huffington Post, BBC, Financial Times and the FSB’s First Voice. AND Danny has shared a stage with Facebook and Google at regional and national events across the UK.



Monday 14th February Just imagine… that they’re all naked! Chris Symons Business Development Manager Blackstar Solutions Ltd & Leader of EVO YMLAEN & part of EVO ALCHEMY Steering Group.

Chris Symons

Invaluable guidance on acting up on the business stage.

A former actor, producer, writer, lyricist and set designer with hundreds of stage hours experience to his name. He left that life in the early noughties and turned his talents to business. For the last 15 years he has worked in IT and Telecommunications specialising in service delivery and business development.

This intensive session will give you a starting point with tips and tricks for presenting to a business audience, whether remotely or face to face. Created with the benefit of hundreds of hours of stage experience, Chris will take you through 3 simple steps to: improve your spoken delivery; help you engage more with your audience; get your message to stick in their minds long after you’ve finished talking.

We’ll make you the star of your next presentation not just a background extra!

After the 15 minutes presentation, which incidentally is pure gold, Q&A and 1-2-1 coaching for attendees will follow. You will leave with 3 key takeaways and much more.



Monday 14th March My details on the Dark Web… no way! Russ Grimmett, Technical Services Account Manager at Optimising IT & EVO member

Russ Grimmett:

Fraid so! Every single day, details are found, hacked, sold on the dark web to the highest bidder. Including yours! Our “How Social Are You?” presentation will be based around Cyber Security. How it’s potentially a threat in your business, without you even knowing. We will be presenting a feed of information that will help you better understand your position in the Cyber world. Its constant & insidious ways of getting you engaged to give away your details. Practical in the moment big reveals: • Live Dark Web searches • Shock stories to illustrate how open to fraud you are • Tasks to have you all worried about what’s happening to your data!

Many years spent in building up information on the world of IT and Cyber Security risk- mitigating solutions, and suggestions makes Russ the go-to authority for sure. Having seen many customers lose their company data to lack of knowledge, Cyber Attacks, and unawareness, Russ finds it highly important to get the risks of daily life on the web across to everyone. Crucially, how they can keep safe!

And top tips how to keep you and your data safe.



Monday 25th April Discover yourself: self-awareness detective badge in a lunchtime Andrew Knight founder of The Spark Company & Leader of EVO OMEGA & part of EVO ALCHEMY Steering Group

Andew Knight

First and foremost, this workshop is going to fun. For starters, you will need a tube of smarties, fruit pastilles, or your favourite multi-coloured sweets. Wait, what? We’re going to explore the different ways we experience the world around us. Why? Self-awareness impacts your people, your customers, and your bottom line. How? We’ll use renowned psychologist Dr. Carl Jung’s 8 Psychological Types to illustrate how our preferences can shape our behaviour, at work and at home. Don’t worry, we won’t be labelling you or putting you in a box today. Practical and interactive you’ll get a peek at your own preferences and those of others. Inspiration to connect better with your clients and colleagues. Invest in a lunchtime look at self-awareness that may just help you to close that next deal or resolve a tricky situation. Who knows, we may even spark your imagination and open-up a world of possibilities for you and your business. What do smarties have to do with self-awareness? Be there to find out!

Founder and friendly face behind The Spark Company, Andrew believes that putting people first leads to better businesses. Working with boards, leaders and HR teams Andrew helps them make the right choices for their people, develop strategies that lead to lasting success and establish positive company cultures.



Monday 23rd May Perfect that pitch. How to plan your winning presentation Vicky Gardner Co-founder & Director at ZiaBia & part of EVO ALCHEMY’s Steering Group

Vicky Gardner

Want to convert that tender you have recently submitted a proposal for? Of course you do! Million-dollar question: want to know how to create the presentation that’ll bring your proposal to life and convert into a win?! Of course you do! Delivering a presentation can be a stressful time. Especially if you are selling yourself and your business to a new client or as part of a pitch/tender process. And you really want to convert the win. Of course you do! The key to delivering a successful and professional presentation is in the planning. • What do you do first? • How do you ensure what you are sharing is going to answer the clients’ questions? Most importantly: • How do you keep to time? • How not to overrun or miss out on the valuable Q&A or relationship building at the end? Want to know the answers to all of the above? Of course you do! Get great results by investing an hour with Vicky Gardner one of the most successful winner of pitches in the UK and probably internationally. Learn from an expert. Get her insider knowledge and significantly transform your results. See social proof for yourself.

Co-founder and director at ZiaBia Events Consultancy. Delivering live, hybrid and virtual events to corporate clients around the world. One aspect of Vicky’s role is business development including pitching for new clients and events. She has extensive experience in proposal writing, then creating and delivering the presentations in real time. Always get to the final stage but not past the presentation hurdle? Or a completely new area for you? –Vicky’s hints and tips will help you convert those leads!



Monday 6th June

Is he crazy or brave? Danny Matthews, leader of EVO DELTA, bares all. Part 1: Danny is ‘going live’ with Suzi Powell to explore his own behavioural profile. You’ll get to learn • A LOT about what makes Danny tick (or turns him off) • Why DISC is such a powerful

Bet you’ve all done a behavioural profile at some point in your career. Have you ever thought about how you use it in networking? Suzi Powell DISCsimple Director of Client Relations Em Melrose DISCsimple Director of Learning will facilitate a conversation about your personal learning. Then explore how you will use this knowledge within EVO Business Club to build stronger relationships with each other.

Suzi Powell 25 years of experience within the Customer Service Industry having worked in Health and Wellness management, sales, teaching, marketing and client retention. Suzi has a real understanding of the importance communication plays on relationships. She has always focused heavily on bringing teams of people together and on matching roles to individual’s strengths, to both increase productivity and create an effective and positive working environment. Suzi has a real passion for people. A drive to encourage and nurture individuals to identify their ability and potential to succeed. Em Melrose Enjoyed a successful leadership career in both the Public and Private sector. Her achievements are rooted in her passion to connect with others, ability to develop trusting relationships. As a result, Em has a great track record in delivering outstanding customer service and influencing change. In this age of abundant information and choice, it’s Em’s life purpose to enable individuals and organisations to achieve their best outcomes, through insight, coaching and personal empowerment.

tool when it comes to understanding others.



Monday 20th June How to have GREAT conversations. Even with people that get on your nerves. Em Melrose DISCsimple Director of Learning

Em Melrose

You can build a better relationship with ANYONE… (if you really want to.) Carrying on the theme from Danny bares all on June 6th, in this highly interactive session, Em Melrose will share simple, yet powerful tips that will enable you to build better relationships with ANYONE and “rejoice in our differences”. A great opportunity for you to • learn from the experts • add to your personal toolkit • get on better with those you never thought you could! You’ll be able to: • identify your preferred communication style • the preferred style of others • how to adapt your style to improve your relationship building. What a fabulous result to walk away with having practiced. What a fabulous result as you can put all you have learnt into effect immediately and see the difference it makes to your relationships and business.

Enjoyed a successful leadership career in both the Public and Private sector. Her achievements are rooted in her passion to connect with others, ability to develop trusting relationships. As a result, Em has a great track record in delivering outstanding customer service and influencing change. In this age of abundant information and choice, it’s Em’s life purpose to enable individuals and organisations to achieve their best outcomes, through insight, coaching and personal empowerment.



Monday 18th July The Dark Arts of Photography. Experience magic that makes a photograph work Ken Abbott The ‘Life As It Is / People As They Really Are’ Photographer

Ken Abbott

It is now easier than it has ever been to take a photograph. One element of photography has not changed since the first photo was taken over 180 years ago. The magic that makes one photograph stand out from a 1000 that don’t. • What makes that magic happen? • What dark arts are at work? Ken will use a combination of crystal-clear explanation and ‘eyes on’ exercises to answer those questions. Together this will enable you to leave the session armed with that knowledge. Most importantly how it can help you get the best from photography both in your business and personal life. The session will consist of breakout groups where participants will be asked to answer 3 questions about a photograph. Ken will then use these answers as a springboard to • discuss the photo • illustrate the magic of the dark arts of photography.

a professional photographer based in Portishead, Somerset speciality People & Event Photography. Ken’s style is informal, natural and ‘in the moment’. His aim is always to capture the personality of the person or event he is photographing. Two major personal projects: ‘Volunteers’ focusing on people who give their time to homeless charities in Bristol. ‘Beyond the Stage’ which captured what goes on behind the scenes at the theatre. And the subject of in his first solo exhibition at the Roper Gallery in Bath.



Monday 12th September Are you your Best Self? The ‘Round Peg Best Self’ Pop Up Event will explore and help you to answer this question Rachel James Patch & Nina Lovatt, Proud Round Peggers & Personal Development Champions

Rachel James-Patch Pioneering Round Pegger passionate in helping individuals reach their full potential. Believing the more fulfilled an individual the more productive they’ll be. With 18+ years’ experience Rachel specialises in developing high performing individuals, teams and organisations. Her best self at work? When she has the opportunity to be ‘nosey and chatty’ exploring your needs and motivations. As Director of Happiness for Round Peg Rachel’s key focus is wellbeing and individuals thriving at work. Nina Lovatt Innovating Round Pegger supporting others to bring fresh perspective to roles and careers by building on what already exists. With 15+ years’ experience Nina’s approach combines her natural warmth and ease with a steely edge. Not afraid to challenge or confront themes and issues. Her best self at work? When she is able to be the ‘spark’ that ignites change for individual or organisation. As Director of Dreams for Round Peg her role is focused on inspiring all Round Peggers to high levels of success and achievement.

During this innovative, fast paced, and interactive workshop you’ll explore the characters that shape you. Inspired &motivated you’ll • tap into your inner HERO • explore your KRYPTONITE • deepen your understanding of yourself as a business leader, role model and entrepreneur Leaving you with tips and strategies to improve personal impact and decision making. When defining your personal brand and impact in business, it’s useful to explore how the roles you play & the activities you choose are influenced by different aspects of your personality. Drawing on the philosophy and guiding principles of the Round Peg Best Self Journal • you’ll use the PEG model • connect with your top 3 Archetypes • explore how the roles you play and the ‘characters within’ shape your personal brand & impact An understanding of these aspects of self allows us to recognise the environments in which we thrive, then develop strategies to support us when we are in situations which prove more challenging. ‘Knowing yourself is the beginning of all Wisdom’ Aristotle



Monday 26th September Become a LinkedIn Blackbelt! Invest an hour with a Grandmaster Grandmaster Jim Meldrum is opening his dojo to new students so that you too can learn the mystical arts of LinkedIn.

Jim Meldrum

Jim’s patented five-point plan will guide you through the ways of • profile building • posting • connection management • prospecting and more Culminating in a simple daily process that can generate leads & grow your business using the power of LinkedIn.

Founder of Nu Strategy Workshops and a renowned sales and marketing guru. He has worked with companies of all sizes across 5 continents to develop their sales strategy and grow their businesses. Due to popular demand, Jim now runs a very popular course on LinkedIn, where he shares his experiences and tips for success on business social media management.



Monday 24th October How to negotiate anything! Susie Warren-Smith CBE Award-winning businesswoman, broadcaster and speaker

An award-winning businesswoman, broadcaster, and speaker. She was the founder and sole owner of the multiple award-winning Breakthrough Group, which was sold to EY five years later in a multi-million-pound deal in 2020. She regularly appears on national television and radio as an expert on entrepreneurship. And in 2022 has been awarded a CBE. (Susie ran a session for EVO ALCHEMY Autumn 2021 as Sue Nelson) Susie Warren-Smith CBE

Key points Susie will cover in this interactive, practical session: • How to be clear on your negotiating points. • What is the best possible outcome? • What are your ‘red lines’? • If you have to walk away what is your plan B? • What is the key selling point from your point of view? • Are you offering a best price, good value, a cultural or environmental benefit? • Put yourself in their shoes. • What is your opposite number looking for and what are their drivers? Imagine their most likely moves. You will have the opportunity to participate in 2 separate breakout sessions. You’ll be with another attendee to negotiate live deals to practice your skills. And there will be the opportunity to run your ‘negotiating on the spot’ by Susie’s experienced antenna. Expect provocative, inspired, informative feedback.



Monday 21st November Professor Dimo Dimov from University of Bath has exciting, new content & ideas to share with us.

Professor Dimo Dimov

Watch this space for the detail.

Professor Dimo Dimov is Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at University of Bath. He has been recognised among the top 100 professors of entrepreneurship worldwide. Dimo holds a PhD in Entrepreneurship from London Business School and an MBA from Case Western Reserve University (USA) and the CEU Graduate School of Business (Hungary). Dimo’s research focuses on entrepreneurial thinking, process, and practice. He is co-founder of Kinetic Thinking, a validated framework for personal and organisational development.



EVO ALCHEMY Steering Group Thank you to Orion Abbot-Davies for the inspired name – EVO Alchemy. Thank you to everyone who said yes to be part of the EVO Alchemy Steering Group. When asked by Halina Jaroszewska (Mastermind Hour & Professional Development Leader) ‘What was their why for saying yes’ when invited to be part of the Steering Group this is what these inspiring, inclusive, innovative leaders replied.

Andrea Sexton I said yes as I love EVO and want to help EVO become better and better for the members. EVO gives me so much I want to give back too.

Alison Woodhead Being an advocate of positive disruption for change, I am thrilled to be involved in EVO Alchemy to generate real benefits for EVO members, unlike any other networking group I’ve been involved in.

Andrew Knight I’ve joined EVO Alchemy Steering Group (SG) to feed into Halina’s plans for Alchemy. Reflecting on conversations I’ve had about connecting with others; remembering we need to develop as business owners. Of course, to learn from stellar experiences shared by SG colleagues

Chris Symons EVO Alchemy is a wonderful and unique member benefit that sets this group apart from other networks. I am proud to be able to give something of myself to that cause.

Danny Matthews Jamie Breese is one of those people who gives without expectation, so to play a part in the future of EVO is an honour.

Orion Abbot-Davies EVO Alchemy provides a fantastic way to help people in ways that can genuinely transform their business. I want to be a part of that!

Vicky Gardner Evo has helped me develop as a person. I want to see this continue. To give back to Jamie who has trusted me with EVO Proteus. Also support all of the new, current and future members.


Halina integrates a wealth of people experience with practical business knowledge in public & private sector leadership roles including HR with M&S, senior positions in education &media; MA in Applied Educational Research, UEA/Cambridge Institute of Education; Mastery of Business Coaching, International Mozaik, Paris. Catalyst, inspirational strategist & coach she works with senior management teams, leaders at all levels to encourage thought- provoking development for individuals, teams & organisations. Specialising in strategic planning; building dream teams; unleashing potential by changing mindset; 360’s perspectives to expand horizons; understand behavioural preferences. Known for her innovative approach; big picture thinking; attention to detail she sets the scene for leaders, teams & organisations to create consistency, communicate clearly, collaborate excellently deliver great outcomes. To enable her clients to turn uncertainty into a powerful tool for change and growth is a key deliverable for this inspiring coach especially at this challenging & unprecedented time in our world. Always creating and holding a safe place in which clients can think deeply and explore current challenges

Halina Jaroszewska EVO ALCHEMY Co-Ordinator


Our exclusive online member only benefit

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