Hi, I'm Brenda!

Born and raised in Casino Northern NSW, I've spent all my life here, and I love it! I was sewing curtains for a department store for about 30 years before I started my own business, and now I get to do what I love, and help others do what they love, too! Craft projects, sewing,

haberdashery, and DIY kits - there's so much pleasure to be had for all ages when you get crafty! Thank you! Th nk ou

Thanks for taking the time to download this ebook: How tomake beautiful quilts for your home.

There are somany factors that go into ensuring your quilt is a stunning piece of art, and it all starts with a great idea, and choosing the right fabric.

Enjoy your guide, and look out for our discount code, just for you!

Brenda Armfield Phone/text 0484899472 Email hello@handacraftsandcurtains.com.au ShopOnline www.handacraftsandcurtains.com.au Casino NSW2470

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