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Just as you choose your physician, you also choose your physical therapist. This means that just because your doctor prescribes physical therapy and offers PT at the facility at which they practice, doesn’t mean that you must go to that PT at that facility. Here are some other points to consider. Location: While some patients will need PT once a week, others may need it three times or more a week. Regardless of your PT schedule, the time it takes to get to and home from PT should be taken into consideration when choosing a PT provider. Clinical excellence: There are always new techniques and research that change the way patients can and should be treated. At MHR, there is an emphasis on keeping updated with evidence-based examination and treatment. When embarking on your rehabilitation journey, it is important to remember that your health care decisions are up to you! Take some time to research your options and make the best decision for your health and wellness goals.

From the Thighmaster to the Shake Weight, every era has had its own ridiculous fitness fad. However, in a world increasingly obsessed with health and fitness, silly, single-use items have given way to complex workout methodologies. Instructors and gyms now offer varying pro- grams for success, and each will tell you their system is the best way to get and stay fit. While the debate over the best way to work out continues to rage on, one thing is indisput- able: Exercise is essential to a healthy lifestyle. According to the Harvard Health Letter, there are four types of exercise everyone should do. Each provides unique benefits to your overall health and wellness. Rather than deciding that one is better than the others, it’s smart to make sure you’re mixing them all together regularly. “People do what they enjoy, or what feels the most effective, so some aspects of exercise and fitness are ignored,”says Rachel Wilson of Brigham andWomen’s Hospital. Don’t end up over- looking an integral aspect of any well-rounded fitness regimen. Examine the four most-import- ant types of exercise and ask yourself if you’re getting enough of each. THE 4 TYPES OF EXERCISE A nd W hy Y ou N eed T hem A ll


–Jim and Hayes

Aerobic exercise, which comprises any cardiovascular conditioning (cardio), speeds up your heart rate and breathing. Whether through walking, swimming, running, cycling, or another mode of repetitive movement, cardio increases your endurance and works out your heart and lungs. Your cardiovascular system is the pump supplying fuel to your muscles. If it’s not

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