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When a Hike Leads to a


With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, it’s the perfect time to take a moment to reflect on the special people in our lives. Luckily for me, I have the best valentine I could

office until the trains started running again, and I had been away in the city on a work trip and gotten stuck when all planes were grounded. It may seem like a strange thing to discuss, but it was one of those weird little connections that spurs a deeper conversation. After the hike was over, the whole group went out to lunch nearby. She and I exchanged numbers and emails, and that was that. For our first date, I took her to see a movie — I think it was “K-PAX,” of all things — and took her out to dinner at a place called the Rolling Rock Cafe. It was a low-key, but both of us enjoyed the company of this new person that had somehow landed smack dab in the middle of our lives. Three years later, we returned to the same restaurant where the Sierra Club group had lunch that fateful day and embarked along the same trail we’d followed years before. Along the way, we took in the natural beauty, chatting with an ease that just couldn’t have been possible when we first met. And when we got to the little waterfall, I got down on one knee, took the ring from my pocket, and asked if she’d like to spend the rest of our lives together. Though we don’t do much for Valentine’s Day, I think any opportunity to celebrate the woman who’s brought so much meaning and joy into my life is fantastic. I can’t imagine what I would do without her. ONE OF THOSE WEIRD LITTLE CONNECTIONS THAT SPUR A DEEPER CONVERSATION.” “IT MAY SEEM A WEIRD THING TO DISCUSS, BUT IT WAS

possibly imagine — my wife, Andrea. I feel lucky every day she sticks by my

side, especially since it all stemmed from a chance meeting neither of us expected.

In fact, we met on a group day hike organized through the Sierra Club. Neither of us were

exactly avid hikers, so it was amazingly lucky

that we’d meet in this place, far from where either of us were living at the time. But as we meandered through the state park landscape of Westchester County, over a small gorge, and past a little burbling waterfall, we got to chatting, filling in the spaces between the wildlife and the hum of the woods.

Immediately, I found her easy to talk to, a kind, outgoing woman who really seemed interested in what I had to say. It turned out we’d grown up not too far from one another in Duchess County. It was in 2001, not too long after 9/11, and we discovered we’d experienced similar fallout from the event. She’d been working in a book publishing firm in New York and had gotten stranded at her

–Jim Serra

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