EXPLO Bioengineering for Girls | Packing List

EXPLO Bioengineering for Girls SUMMER PACKING LIST

All students should bring the following items: Underwear Socks Jacket/Raincoat

Hat/Baseball cap Bathrobe/Bath towel Pajamas Beach Towel Sunglasses Sneakers Sandals/Shower shoes Toiletries

Alarm clock Wristwatch Camera Shower caddy Quarters for laundry Debit/Credit card Laundry bag Bug repellant (no aerosol)

Sunscreen (no aerosol) Fans Hangers Water bottle Twin-size sheets Pillowcase Blanket Pillow

Short-sleeve shirts Long-sleeve shirts Sweater/Sweatshirt Jeans/Pants Dress Clothes

The Following Items are Not Allowed at the Program: 1. Appliances — (e.g. air conditioner, hot plate, toaster, TV, microwave, refrigerator, coffee maker, lamp with halogen bulb). It is ok to bring small portable music players (not for use during quiet hours, 10:30 p.m.-7:00 a.m.). 2. Candles, incense, matches, lighters, firecrackers, crepe paper, flammable substances. 3. Knives or weapons of any kind — including toy weapons (squirt guns orfake knives). 4. Cumbersome/expensive personal items — EXPLO is not responsible for lost/stolen items. Long pants and closed-toe shoes are required in all Wheaton Science Lab spaces. Please also note that the academic buildings of Wheaton are air-conditioned; dressing in light layers for class is recommended. • Students should bring 1-3 “business casual” outfits, including pants and closed-toe shoes for visits to professional settings and labs. • The laundry machines in the dorm take quarters for each wash/dry cycle. Laundry detergent will be provided free of charge. You do not need to bring laundry detergent unless you require a specific type. • Wheaton dorm rooms are not air-conditioned. We strongly recommend that every student has a fan — box fans or oscillating fans are best. • Linens are not provided unless requested via the EXPLO student application ahead of the summer. Students are responsible for laundering their own linens. Phones and Computers: Mobile/Cell Phones — If you choose to bring a mobile phone to the program, please be advised that you may not use it during courses, activities, check-ins, meals, or other scheduled program events, unless specifically invited to do so by EXPLO staff. Personal Computers — Students are encouraged to bring a personal computer, though it is not a requirement. Most students find a computer helpful for class and projects, and EXPLO has a limited number of computers available for student use. Students bringing laptops or tablets to the program are strongly encouraged to keep electronics on their person or in their locked dorm rooms. Any student using a personal computer to access the internet while enrolled in the program is trusted to use this resource wisely and will be held responsible for connection to objectionable sites and all other online conduct. EXPLO is not responsible for lost or stolen laptops, tablets, mobile phones, smart watches/personal devices, or other expensive electronics. Additional Notes: •

EXPLO Exploration Summer Programs 932 Washington Street Norwood, MA 02062 summer@explo.org 781.762.7400 explo.org If you have any questions, please contact our Admission Office directly: 781.762.7400 ?


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