December 2022


he has been taking Hiram out on boats, scouting, and exploring since he was just four weeks old. Though Ryan is looking forward to the day he can take Hiram hunting, he isn’t quite ready to take that step and will wait until he is closer to four or five years old. “It’s safety first,” he said. “First, kids need to know how to listen, and how to be quiet and attentive. It really depends on what you’re trying to hunt, and you have to wait until you feel like they’re ready.” Of course, every good hunter needs an even better dog. For Ryan, his dogs have always played a huge role in his career. His oldest dog, Boss, trained by the legendary Chris Akin, of Webb Footed Kennel in Bono, Arkansas, has been one of his greatest companions. Boss has picked up thousands of birds and has been everywhere with Ryan. As Boss has gotten older, he is now enjoying retirement from duck hunting but remains on the job as protector and companion to Ryan’s son, Hiram, and is a constant fixture at his side. These days Boss’ son, Clyde, is on the trail, tracking birds and leading hunts. Clyde was trained by FowlCo Retrievers in Elkins, Arkansas, and is making Ryan proud, following in his father’s paw prints. In his current role as a professional outdoor sportsman, Ryan works for and



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