December 2022


represents VOORMI, one of the most advanced textile companies in the world. VOORMI is a company that is proudly made in the USA and manufactures outdoor gear from the world’s finest wool and natural fibers. With the title of “Field Professional,” and all-around VOORMI-sportsman, Ryan is honored to represent a brand that practices what they preach. VOORMI takes great care ensuring all their efforts have a low environmental impact, with most of their work done in Pagosa Springs, Colorado, and some in Bozeman, Montana. In addition to VOORMI, Ryan has shot content for YETI, Benelli USA and other well-known brands, and it is not uncommon for him to have a professional photographer with him when he goes out to hunt. VOORMI’s mission is to “make less, make it last and make it matter.” So, as an ambassador of the brand and as an overall way of life, making it matter is what Ryan does every day. But what if you are just getting started? For the basics, Ryan keeps it simple. He claims all you need is a “VOORMI sportsman hoodie, a trusted ol’ shotgun, a box of shells and a good place to hunt… like Arkansas.” With new hunters, Ryan always reminds people not to get discouraged. Remember, it is not just about the hunt or what you bring home. It is about the fellowship and the experience. It’s about getting outside and away from the hustle of everyday life. “Be in it to enjoy the setup,” encourages Ryan. “Experience the awesomeness of nature, and most of all…have fun with the people around you.” To read more about Ryan, make sure you check out “TXK Roots” on page 74.



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