December 2022


I discovered a love for running in college but since having children, my choice of exercise shifted towards higher intensity activities I could accomplish in smaller amounts of time. My work out routine also shifted and became not-as-frequent. So, here we are. As our kids are getting older and require less constant supervision, I reintroduced myself to running. I still do high-intensity interval training and a variety of other programs, but I wanted to give myself permission to go back to something I once enjoyed, even if it takes more time away from some mom and housework duties. Now don’t get it twisted, y’all. I am not training for a marathon and my pace doesn’t correlate with the length of my legs, but there is something about putting in my ear pods, turning up the music to a volume I’ll likely regret down the road, and checking out from my day’s to-do list. In college, I would run to hip hop music or current hits, but now I really prefer running to worship music. I have always felt closest to God in worship, and combining the two creates the most cleansing, precious time. I’m sweating out both toxins and fears, praying for people and situations, praising Him with humility and gratitude, and even though I am physically moving, I am still. “Battle Belongs” by Phil Wickham was playing when I prayed for our friends to have strength and peace while navigating the new unknown that comes with their son’s Type 1 Diabetes diagnosis. I grieved for another friend who experienced two failed in vitro fertilization cycles to Charity Gayle’s “Throne Room.” A few weeks ago, I was running and praying for this very column—what could I share that could help a reader? What do I want my kids to learn or remember when they read this one day? As I flipped through my mental Rolodex, it occurred to me how blessed I am to have so many topics to consider—my family, our health, and the holiday season… the list goes on and on. Why celebrate just one when God has given us many? My husband’s birthday is five days before Christmas and while we celebrate him every year, we will go a little bigger this year because John Flippo turns forty! John is so many things that are good in this




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