December 2022


Talk Tuesday, the digital publication of Texarkana Magazine , is a weekly look into the lives of some of Texarkana’s most incredible residents. Each heart-felt story is the first person account of people who are finding love, achieving goals, overcoming obstacles, and learning new things across our community. This year’s top ten most read stories drew thousands of readers and confirmed once again that the people of Texarkana really are Twice as Nice. TALK TUESDAY TOP 10

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Strawberries Optional by Tammy Lummus | July 5, 2022 “I have often thought that the imaginations of small-town kids must work better than those of big city kids because small town kids must make up their own kind of fun in a place where there is nothing to do. Sometimes that homespun fun is purely innocent, sometimes, it’s a little mischievous, but it always makes for a good laugh...”

Fernanda and Andrew Martin Wedding by Fernanda Hernandez Martin | February 1, 2022

“Andrew and I met in the CrossFit room at the gym we both went to. I had seen him a couple of times before, but we never spoke. This particular day, I noticed he was leaving, but then he came back into the training room, walked up to me and told me he misplaced his phone and asked if I had seen it by chance. I offered to call it, to which he replied, “It’s on silent, but yes, please call it.” He sent me a text three days later. He didn’t get my name the day he lost his phone, so his text read ‘Hey pretty girl from the gym...’” 2022 Total Medical Supply Hero Scholarship Recipient by Rashad Thrower | August 2, 2022 “I am ecstatic to be one of the first recipients of the Hero Scholarship. When given the award, Total Medical’s Chief Executive Officer stated, ‘This award is for students who exemplify giving back to their community through community service and a sense of excellence.’ Looking back at all the different activities I partook in, I did not see any of them as community service. As I was helping and engaging in the community, I was having fun, so it became a hobby... “ Redwater Senior Perspective 2022 by Easton Minter | July 12, 2022 “WOW, I did it! I am a high school graduate—a REAL ADULT! But WAIT! How did I get here so fast, and what am I supposed to do now?...”



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