December 2022


Bougie Grubs Mexican Pork and Waffles by Angela Evans | January 25, 2022

Check out this delicious and simple recipe shared by monthly contributor, Angela Evans, who helps us keep things fresh in the kitchen. Why cook the same old things when you can impress your family by constantly offering them new, exciting dishes that are sure to impress even the pickiest eaters?

The Beauty of an Unexpected Life by Ericca Jordan | April 19, 2022 “Dealing daily with the unexpected, never knowing or understanding when, what or where this mystery began, hoping for God’s grace to carry you from day to day and that society will learn to understand what may not be understood… This is the reality for my family as we live with autism.” My Game for Life by Sam Wacha | August 30, 2022 “What a dream to play GOLF for a living! While this is completely true, the road to accomplishing it is an incredibly challenging and rewarding process. I chased a career as a professional golfer for five years after graduating college, and this is how it all happened…” BOOK REVIEW: What About The Paper Palace? by Lesli Flowers | January 18, 2022 “ The Paper Palace seemed to hit all the high notes for anything you might look for in a good book: strong character development, drama, love, hate, relationships, secrets, friendships, family…” National Hispanic Heritage Month: A Story of Family, Culture, and Courage by Lucía Jaydeli Ochoa | September 20, 2022 “I could feel the fear of leaving everything behind, everything I knew. I looked at Mami, and I could see the sadness in her eyes, but I could also see her courage. My mom, my sister, and I left Mexico when I was 12 years old…” From Devastation to Determination by Cornerstone Methodist Retirement Community | September 27, 2022 “Wearing striped pajamas, laying on a bed of wooden slats, a 13-year-old orphan girl named Alexandra wished for death. Considering the many ways she might achieve the desired result, she whispered a prayer asking God to let her die when she says God answered her, almost audibly saying, ‘I need you to love my people…’”



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