Pegasus School Prospectus 2022 2023

Informal Curriculum – our ‘ core ’ curriculum

My Sensory Play Solitary Play, Parallel Play, Shared Play, Turn Taking Play, Co - operative Play

My Communication Imperative Communications, Declara- tive Communications, Formal Social Interaction with Familiar People, Non - verbal Behavioural Communications, Peer to Peer Communications, Alter- native and Augmentative Communi- cations

My Physical Wellbeing Sensory Integration and Sensory Circuits Rebound Therapy Other Play Based Activities Aquatics Mental Health and Well Being

My Independence Travelling on foot/bus/train

My Outdoor School Including: Orienteering Shelter Building

My Creativity To be published – using art and music aspects in the interim

Money, shopping for a snack, for a meal and other shopping, cooking

Using an Open Fire Cooking Outdoors

Semi - Formal Curriculum – ‘ opt in ’ subjects

My Independence: Shopping Money Shopping Shopping for cooking Other shopping

My Independence: Cooking Pre - cooking skills, Using a blunt knife. Pouring, mixing and estimating. Dealing with accidents in the kitchen. Working safely with electrical equipment. Germs and bacteria. Using more advanced kitchen equipment. Following recipes

My Independence: Dressing and Undressing (My Independence: PfA: independent living)

My Independence: Travel Training Travelling as a Pedestrian Travelling by bus/tram Travelling by tube/ metro/ underground Travelling by train Travelling by bicycle

My Sex and Relationship Education Knowing My Body, Knowing Me, Private and Public, Touching and Allowing Others to Touch Me, Forming Relationships Sexual Intimacy with Another Person

My Play and Leisure Structured play (games) Free play Leisure

My Art Collage, Drawing, Painting, Print Making Sculpture, Digital Media, Textiles

My Music Tempo, Rhythm, Timbre, Texture, Structure, Pitch, Dynamics

Topic: The World About Me Water The weather, The seasons, Recycling People, Lifecycles of plants and animals, Food, Festivals, Digital photography, Change, history and the passing of time

Citizenship/SMSC/FBV (summer term 21 SFC) School council Assembly Whole school events (PfA: friends, relationships and community)

My Outdoor School Including:

My Physical Wellbeing: Mental Health and Wellbeing Healthy Eating and Lifestyle PE, Sports, Games and Aquatics Physical Activity (PfA: good health)

Work Experience Class based School based

Playing Games, Orienteering 1&2, Creativity, Wilderness explorers, Environmental Aware- ness, Seasonal Awareness, Shelter Building, Making a fire, Cooking outdoors

Community based (PfA: employment)

Formal Curriculum – more specific skills on a SEND curriculum

My English (formal curriculum)

My Maths (formal curriculum) Number Based Activities, Counting Games, Counting Songs, Estimation, Numerals, Money, Time

My Thinking and Problem Solving TIER 1 Memory building TIER 2 Sabotage!! Recognition of a problem TIER 3 Independent solutions TIER 4 Generalisation TIER 5 Self - belief and confidence

Personal Social Health Economic Self - awareness, Self - care, support and safety, Managing feelings, Changing and growing, Healthy lifestyles, The world I live in (PSHE association 2020 framework for SEND KS2 - 4, PP KS5)

Interacting and Expressing Needs, Handling Information, Narratives, Systematic Teaching of Whole Word Sight Vocabulary, Sentences, Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC)

Updated May 2023 Assessment/progress is shown through: ASDAN PP, EHCP outcomes, MAPP targets, Behaviour data, SCERTS (SaLT), Engagement scales

To develop: ASDAN TI, AQA, OT progression, engagement scales throughout all year groups.


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