Pegasus School Prospectus 2022 2023

Residential Provision Each young person has a bespoke care plan built around them. The level of support, the constraints of the environment, tolerance of peers and levels of risk, will be established by the multi - disciplinary team prior to the young person joining Pegasus. This will be combined to form a detailed profile. We call this an ‘ All About Me ’ Communication Passport. The passport enables and ensures the young person is cared for in a nurturing and consistent way. In addition, each young person has a behaviour support plan, risk assessment and specific information to that young person. This forms their care plan. The care plan will travel with that young person throughout the home as well as during the school day to ensure consistency of approach is maintained in all settings.

The pivotal person in the young person ’ s care is their Key Worker. Each young person is nominated a Key Worker prior to their arrival. They play an important role in the assessment process. The Key Worker will be the main contact for parents or carers, as well as professionals. They will act as an advocate for the young person, as well as their families, and will attend all reviews and key meetings about that young person. Each young person has a room of their own, personalised for them from the start of their time at Pegasus. The Key Worker is responsible for this role from the outset of assessment, plus specific adaptions to the environment will be made to ensure it is a safe and a positive living space. All young people receive pocket money appropriate to their age, and are encouraged to manage their finances appropriately and at a practical level to their ability. Young people who are with us on a 52 week basis also have a clothing allowance, as well as an allowance to support transport home or to see significant others six times a year. We will always support family contact wherever possible for all young people. We are very fortunate to be placed in the centre of the National Forest, with our grounds leading directly onto Rosliston Forestry Centre. This is a fantastic resource which can be enjoyed by all of our young people. We also have indoor sensory rooms, soft play and creative play areas. Evening activities are planned and include youth clubs, art clubs and health and well - being clubs, which take place on site. These activities are complimented by activities in the wider community.

Updated May 2023


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