Blade Safety Brochure


DRY CUTTING DONT’S 1. Don’t dry cut except with a blade specifically designed for dry cutting by the manufacturer. 2. Don’t force blade onto machine blade shaft, alter the size of the mounting hole, or tighten mounting nut excessively. Use of bushing to reduce arbour hole size is not recommended for diamond blades used on high-speed saws.

8. Don’t make long continuous cuts with a dry blade. Allow the blade to cool by turning in air every 10 to 15 seconds. The harder the material being cut the longer the cooling periods should be.

9. Don’t use the blade to cut material other than that specified by the manufacturer.

3. Don’t exceed the maximum operating speed established for the blade.

10. Don’t use the blade on a type of saw other than that specified by the manufacturer.

4. Don’t operate a saw without proper safety guards in place. NEVER OPERATE ANY SAW, WET OR DRY, WITHOUT A BLADE GUARD!

11. Don’t allow the blade to deflect in the cut.

12. Don’t attempt to cut curves or radials with a straight cutting blade, consult your supplier for advice on a suitable blade.

5. Don’t stand in direct line with dry diamond or abrasive blades during start-up or operation.

6. Don’t cut or grind with the sides of a diamond blade.

7. Don’t force the blade into the material; allow the blade to cut at its own speed. Forcing the blade may cause over heating or blade damage.

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